MA & Associates LLC Cannabis Testing Laboratory Receives ISO Accreditation, Passes Inspection

​​Pazoo, Inc. (PZOO) is pleased to announce that the MA & Associates LLC (DBA MA Analytics) testing laboratory in Las Vegas, Nevada, received its ISO Laboratory Certification last month and just recently passed its annual rigorous inspection by the State of Nevada’s team of State inspectors. Additionally, Pazoo, Inc. is pleased to announce that it is working on becoming current on its SEC filings.

MA & Associates LLC has achieved the most prestigious ISO 17025 accreditation. MA & Associates LLC was able to gain this accreditation in under one year, due to our team's commitment to providing the highest-quality standard operating procedures and testing methods. After thorough research, MA & Associates LLC made a conscious decision to move forward with A2LA as our accrediting body. MA & Associates LLC and A2LA’s commitment to ensure high-quality analytical testing made it the perfect partnership. We are excited to continue moving forward and bringing a new level of quality to the State of Nevada.

The lab is fully staffed and operational and can accept both recreational and medical cannabis samples for testing in Nevada.

Lastly, we are pleased to announce that Pazoo has commenced working on its SEC filings. It has sent its auditing firm the information required to complete the 2017 10-K annual report and is working together with the auditors on filings that need to be completed with a goal to become current on its periodic reporting requirements in the near future.

Ben Hoehn, COO of Pazoo, Inc., said, “We are proud to be able to announce these important positive developments for Pazoo and the lab in Las Vegas. With all the attention the Nevada cannabis industry has been receiving, we are excited to be able to shine a light on true science and provide crucial information for patient safety and product integrity. We look forward to additional positive developments for the lab and Pazoo in the near future.”

About Pazoo, Inc.

Pazoo, Inc. is focused on health, wellness and safety. Through our investment in MA & Associates LLC, Pazoo will provide industry-leading laboratory testing of cannabis. The lab provides best-in-class laboratory testing of cannabinoid-containing products to protect consumers from impurities, contaminants and other irregularities.

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