MĪNA Health Announces Free 6-Month Trial for Healthcare Providers


Due to a rise in demand for reduced person-to-person contact and the need for increased testing, MĪNA Health has announced it will offer a free six (6) month trial of its software to any healthcare facility or office within the United States of America. MĪNA promotes social distancing, increases accuracy and decreases wait time by allowing users to take control of their own health records and share the necessary information required for accurate screening and risk assessment with limited contact.

What is MĪNA? Created by a team of physicians, MĪNA is a patented smartphone application and reader software that allows users to store health information securely. For users, the free smartphone app converts their health history into a QR code for easy and paperless transfer to be scanned by the provider. A person simply downloads the application and follows the prompts for the required data fields -- while practicing social distancing from the comfort of their home -- then shows the QR code to the healthcare provider. A touchless exchange; no more clipboards, pens, or paper. Rest assured that no one can access the information without the user’s specific passwords. The information is stored locally on the smartphone device and not remotely in the Cloud or any other repository.

For providers, MĪNA is straightforward to use, and can be completed by any member of the office team, including registration personnel and triage. Once licensed, the MĪNA reader software will be downloaded to the desktop of the office’s designated computers behind the firewall. A scan of a patient’s QR code generates a summary of the encrypted health history.  Incorporating the information into the workflow using one of multiple methods can be completed in less than 30 seconds, allowing the provider to use this information in a more efficient and effective way to improve standard care. 

MĪNA is offering a free 6-month trial of its software for immediate use in healthcare facilities and offices within the United States. Sign up for MĪNA  today to communicate health information without contact and without risk because MĪNA is touchless and fomite free.

Media Contact:
Kenneth L. Hill, Jr., MD, FAANS

Co-Founder & COO of MINA Health
email: Kenneth@MINAapp.com
Phone: +1-800-895-MINA

Source: MINA Health

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