Lytecube makes small business IT lean and mean

Lytecube launches a new version of their small business product LyteRAD. Build desktop and mobile database solutions with minimal effort.

Dec 17, 2009 - Bangalore, India - Lytecube Technologies touches a milestone release of their code free environment for business solutions. Their flagship product LyteRAD helps small businesses build custom business solutions with low effort. The multi platform product is available both as free and commercial editions.

"One of the challenges for small businesses is to automate processes with as little overheads as possible. Being a small business, IT staff and infrastructure are scarce and getting the most value out of them is key for success," says Girish Bellalcheru, Chief Technologist at Lytecube. "LyteRAD allows businesses to build lightweight database solutions to match precise needs without code. They can also choose ready to deploy solutions from our online gallery." says Bellalcheru.

The LyteRAD application gallery features many ready to use business applications like invoicing, inventory management, sales management and lead tracking. These are freely downloadable and completely customizable. "I can visualize a future where the app gallery is a single window to a universe of small business applications" says Maheedhar.P.V , Chief Executive at Lytecube. What really sets apart these applications is the low cost and operating overheads, there are no subscription charges or data security issues as the solutions are deployed inside the business premises.

"The current release is a milestone from the product R&D perspective. We have been scarce about announcements as we preferred a few select customers to move the product forward in terms of features and stability" says Bellalcheru.

LyteRAD CE is the freeware edition. LyteRAD PRO is the commercial edition with many enhancements including mobile and web based application components. LyteRAD PRO is priced at $219(US).

The products can be downloaded from the website at

About Lytecube Technologies
Founded in 2008, Lytecube is a early phase privately funded startup. They are focused on low cost easy to use products for building database driven applications.

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