Lyte Systems Has Completed the Production of the Fastest Charging Battery Pack; Last Call for Pre-Orders

​​​Lyte Systems is excited to announce that the production of the first batch of LumoPacks is complete. Kickstarter Backers will soon be receiving the first units, followed by website preorders. Shortly after, LumoPack will be available for purchase on Amazon. For now, customers can save $10 off of the retail price by pre-ordering LumoPack here:


After just 6 minutes of charging, LumoPack stores enough power for a full iPhone 6 charge!

Accelerated Charge Times - LumoPack is the fastest charging battery pack on the market. It can be charged at 140 watts–that’s 14-28 times more than standard battery packs (5-10 watts). As a result, after just 6 minutes of charging, LumoPack stores enough power for a full iPhone 6 charge. 

Extended Cycle Life - Standard batteries today last about 300 cycles, with most leaders in the industry maxing out at 500 cycles. In comparison, LumoPack can sustain up to 1000 charge cycles, that’s 2-3 times the industry standard today!

Increased Safety - As time passes, lithium-ion battery cells degrade, which in turn leaves space in the cell for unwanted gases to enter. This is what can cause batteries to bulge, catch on fire, or even explode. The technology (MOF) inside LumoPack coats and protects LumoPack’s battery cells, thus significantly reducing these risks.

Learn more about LumoPack features here:


LumoPack and its features are possible with a new material called Metal Organic Framework (MOF). To bring this amazing technology into the hands of consumers, Lyte Systems, LLC has teamed up with Nivo Systems, Inc., which specializes in the application of MOF in the battery. Nivo’s MOF material used in LumoPack focuses on the LiCoO2 cathode. The material is used for an advanced form of coating and doping in order to enhance the stability and performance in lithium-ion batteries. Learn more about Nivo Systems, Inc. and MOF here:


Lyte Systems, LLC

In 2014, Lyte Systems set out to relieve users from today’s battery constraints, thus making mobile devices truly portable. Striving to solve consumers’ battery problems, Lyte launched LumoPack, which is the fastest charging battery pack on the market. Lyte’s dream is to share this next-generation battery pack with the world. However, its larger vision is to remove the time constraints of charging all electronic devices. For questions or media related matters, contact

Nivo Systems, Inc. 

Nivo is a Los Angeles-based material science company specializing in the application of Metal Organic Framework in lithium-ion batteries. The integration of its materials in batteries significantly enhances capacity, power, cycle performance, and safety. Nivo is working with some of the leading technology companies to bring the next generation of battery products to the marketplace. For questions or media related matters, contact


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