Luxy Millionaire Dating App Says "If Singles Party Attendees Are Not Attractive, They Better Bring Their Tax Return Form With Them"

The world's leading millionaire dating app cuts to the good-looking chase with a global meet and greet. Stellar city hopping through NYC, LA, London and Brazil, the luxury app will put the opulent 1% center stage, starting in the Big Apple.

Known for its audacity and ruthless vetting process, Millionaire Dating app Luxy is holding its first singles nights. To be held in New York, LA, London and Brazil, this exclusive event will be giving elite singles the most glamorous evening of 2016. But so what? Singles nights are happening all the time all over town. That’s true, but not like this. 

Despite dates not being revealed yet, Luxy will be flying their extra special guests in on private helicopters. Although a fairly new Silicon Valley startup, Luxy has its own access to luxury choppers, giving their high flying users a VIP entrance to match their VIP membership. 

From the very beginning, Luxy has promised nothing but high quality - from user experience to user profiles - they don’t just let anyone on the app, and Luxy does not intend to let its standards slip at the events either. 

At the party where being single doesn't guarantee you an invitation, just like the app’s vetting process Luxy will only allow attractive people into their party and won’t apologise for turning people away. And if the singles are not attractive, they’ll need their tax return form to prove that they earn north of $200k. 

“The party is not solely for Luxy users. So if you’re not attractive and you can’t prove that you’re on $200k minimum, you’re not getting in. There is no point, no one will speak to you”, says Luxy spokesman, going by the name of Andrew M, “Luxy doesn’t want to waste their users time”. 

So private jets and an only-attractive-and-wealthy-people-allowed-rule, Luxy has been known for more audacious things and are keen to maintain their exclusive status. 

But Luxy’s party is not the first singles event to be held for the successful. The League, deemed ‘Tinder for the elites’ held numerous events earlier this year. Andrew M said, “The League events were described as being a party for elite white people, where attendees talk about nothing but themselves and show nude pictures of girls to people they just met. This does not sound like very good party, Luxy will do better”. 

Unlike other dating apps, Luxy prizes itself purely on class, professional calibre and attractiveness. Andrew M said, “Just because you went to an Ivy League University and made a few LinkedIn connections, it doesn’t mean you’re worth getting to know by default. Luxy just wants to know the person you are today, many of the best entrepreneurs dropped out of college. We ensure that we have people worth knowing. That’s why we can promise a fantastic party”. 

Luxy will soon be confirming party dates. 

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