Luxury Car Rides No Longer a Distant Dream With Vice City VIP

Vice City VIP is offering the exclusive utopian opportunity to drive classic steams without costing an arm or leg

​​Vice City VIP is offering the exclusive utopian opportunity to drive classic steams without costing an arm or leg through its affordable exotic car rental service. The company extends latest models of all esteemed luxury vehicles

 Wheeling the plush Mercedes or Maserati is distant dream for many of us. But how about having the fairytale opportunity of steering the magnificent Ferrari without the need of a superstar bank account? Sounds utopian, right? Well, leading Miami exotic car rentals company Vice City VIP is here to make your dream come true with its affordable rentals on plushest of vehicles that you have only coveted till date.

Headquartered at Miami, the company also has an office in New York and it extends online rental of luxury vehicles at affordable rates to exotic car connoisseurs all across the world.

“We are not your everyday car rental company. In fact, we are here to rent you dreams and those magical moments that you have only fantasized about the luxury cars till date. With us, you now have this exclusive opportunity to turn your dreams into reality and that too without costing an arm or leg”, smiled a leading spokesperson from Vice City VIP.

The company assured the privilege of steering world’s finest of vehicles made by iconic manufacturers all across the European continent. The rental service is available for both the locals as well as tourists aspiring for a luxe experience in a dream Miami vacation. 

While approached on their inventory, the firm manager displayed a vast and versatile list of classic steams- including BMW, Ferrari, Maserati, Porsche, Corvette, McLaren and what not!

“We have got exotic cars to match every taste, whether you are seeking a fiery ride or a quaint sophistication or the ultimate class-our versatile inventory is well-armed to cater to all range of tastes when it comes to exquisite drives. So, be it Rolls Royce or the very macho Stingray or the stellar Porsche 911, Vice City VIP is the absolute answer for you. Life is all about creating unforgettable moments and we are here to help you in relishing such lifetime experiences, yet without the need to get hard on your pocket”, explained the manager.

Speaking further, he promised latest models of all luxe cars, in perfectly maintained top-notch condition. Each of the models has been featured with compact description to ensure an informed selection. Once reserved, the car would be waiting at Vice City’s Miami or NY location to be picked up by the client.

“So what if you are in a 9-5 job? You can still drive like a king and  with us having your back, it won’t take much to celebrate an imperial date with your lady love in a royal Mercedes or your much awaited friends reunion in the stunning Bentley. We are here to make you feel special through our affordable exotic rentals as well as 100% client-focused top notch customer support.”

To reserve the coveted ride with your favorite classic now,


Phone 786-766-9072

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