LuXout Shades Announces Next Phase as a Premier Provider for Interior Designers

Biennial revamp includes a completely new fabric lineup, new lookbook and simpler motorization

LuXout Shades Biennial Refresh

LuXout Shades, a proprietary window treatment line that's manufactured by Richmond, Va.-based The Specialty Group Ltd. and offered exclusively to interior designers, has announced an exciting next phase in its fast-paced development: a biennial refresh of its branded tools and fabrics lineup. The changes, which are showcased in a new lookbook entitled "Simply Beautiful," arrive just in time for a steady stream of new dealers.

"After launching in 2015 to a small test group here in Central Virginia, things really took off for this brand," says Tony Lovette, LuXout’s president. "In 2016, we added another small group of dealers to help refine the program and by the time we got to the Spring 2017 Window Fashion Expo, we were met with a lineup of people looking to become dealers."

Lovette says the premise for LuXout Shades is simple: source highly curated fabric lines from worldwide sources, in order to offer interior designers with a totally unique, high-quality product that only they can offer.

"We give designers the ability to offer their clients something totally unique — something they can't find in other places," says Kimberly Swope, director of marketing. "As part of that process, we're refreshing our full lineup of tools and products every two years."

Officially launched on July 1, the biennial refresh offers LuXout dealers a completely new collection of fabrics, along with a new reference binder and lookbook to help them navigate and sell those options. New motorization features also improve ease of use and installation, while providing better pricing.

"We listen to our designers," Lovette says. "If there's something that will make their lives easier and help to give them an edge over the competition, you can bet you're going to see it going forward."

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About LuXout Shades

LuXout Shades is a proprietary line of window treatment products manufactured by Richmond, Va.-based The Specialty Group Ltd. and offered exclusively to interior designers. LuXout Shades are produced from globally sourced, highly unique fabrics and are not offered through big box stores or other retailers. For more information, visit or call 800-817-1204.

Source: The Specialty Group Ltd.

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