Lung Detoxification Helps Smokers and Ex-Smokers Live Longer & In Better Health

A lung detox program can help smokers and ex smokers live with good health for up to another 10 years by cleansing the lungs of disease causing tar and mucus that lead to cancer and infections.

Independent natural health researchers have released a downloadable guide to help smokers and ex-smokers detox their lungs and live longer and in greater health.

"Tar and toxins that smokers inhale can take over ten years to naturally be cleaned out of your lungs." says William Renolds who is one of the research team "Every day you live with blackened smokers lungs increases the risk of lung cancer, chronic bronchitis and respiratory infections."

"While people know smoking is harmful to your health many think that once they quit everything will be fine. This is just not the case though." Mark Freeman, the other half of the team adds.

The pair have written and released a downloadable e-book titled "The Complete Lung Detoxification Guide" which claims to help smokers quit smoking and detox the lungs in a matter of months rather than years.

"We wanted to create a guide that would not only tackle the physical problems of tar filled lungs and nicotine but would also focus on the psychological side of addiction and healing." says William

"Not only that, we wanted to show how both the physical and mental solutions mesh together to be more powerful than treating each separately." added Mark

The pair describe the book as a holistic approach designed for smokers and also ex smokers for both quitting smoking and cleaning the lungs.

The Complete Lung Detoxification Guide can be downloaded from

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