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The Mom and Co-Author of 'Just Married & Cooking' Shares Her Super Secrets for Making Lunch Time Fun for Kids

Cookbook Author Brooke Parkhurst

Lunchtime is an important part of the school day for kids. It is when kids are getting the fuel from food necessary to finishing their studies each day. It is also a time when social interaction has kids making friends and often sharing their lunches. Just in time for back-to-school season, one of the top mom-cooking experts in the country provides lunchtime inspiration for parents. Brooke Parkhurst is the co-author of "Just Married & Cooking" — she gives her expert tips on how to provide creative lunches for the family.

It can be a long time between breakfast and school lunches, so packing a snack is very important. A hungry kid has a harder time paying attention and learning. One suggestion for a great snack is ZonePerfect Kidz nutrition bars. The bars are packed with the essential vitamins, minerals and protein children need to fuel an active lifestyle. ZonePerfect Kidz nutrition bars come in three nutritious and tasty flavors: Chocolate Cupcake, Yellow Cupcake and Sugar Cookie. It is a yummy snack for kids and parents will want to eat them, too. The bars are perfect for busy days or as after-school snacks and perfectly fit right into kids' active schedules. For more information, visit
For busy moms, saving time and making exciting lunches that the kids will enjoy is so important. A great option is Frito-Lay Variety Packs; they include favorites like Lay’s, Doritos and Cheetos! Parents can also keep lunches exciting by purchasing Frito-Lay Variety Packs while winning big every hour because when school’s in, parents win. Frito-Lay Variety Packs has a back-to-school contest going on right now, celebrating parents, the unsung heroes of summer. Parents can sign up at for multiple chances to win prizes every hour. Just submit original inspirational photos and captions sharing ways to count down to or celebrate the first day of school. Parents can also enter in the promo code from specially marked bags. Check out The contest ends on Sept. 16.

Once the kids are done with lunch it is important to get the gunk out with an on-the-go flosser that allows kids healthy, happy smiles to shine. A go-to flosser is Plackers, which is the nation’s #1 flosser. Plackers come in a variety of forms and fun flavors for kids like fruit smoothie swirl. Plackers are also perfect to carry in a lunchbox or a backpack making flossing easily accessible for kids. Plackers can be found at Walmart, Target and most major grocery stores nationwide. For more information, visit

Another suggestion is to buy items like fruits, veggies, and cheeses in bulk not only because it helps to save money, but keeping them in plastic containers extends the life of the food. Modern plastic packaging helps keep oxygen away, so items like resealable bags preserve and keep foods fresher longer. One suggestion is to take portions and design fun bento boxes for lunch and pack fresh snacks in reusable plastic pouches for kids. For more information, visit:


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