Lumiii Partners with University College London's EdTech Labs to Fundamentally Reshape Education Through Its Learn-to-Earn Gaming and Anime Series

In this partnership, Lumiii will apply UCL EdTech Labs' research-focused method, expert mentoring, and community knowledge to its storytelling.

Secret Pirates Entertainment Inc., creators of The Secret Order of Lumiiis franchise, announces Lumiii has partnered with University College London's (UCL) EdTech Labs Accelerator, a learning innovations program for world-leading products as one of the program's first American startups. The strategic partnership will synergize Lumiii's entertainment, gaming, and family DeFi offerings with UCL's 50-plus years of experience in developing robust, impactful, and commercially viable products.

"Our children will grow up in a vastly different world than previous generations with technology that we can't even imagine today," said Ali Badshah, co-president, CEO, and creator of the Lumiiis franchise. "Our partnership with UCL EdTech Labs Accelerator will help us bring Lumiii to the estimated two billion learners emerging over the next 30 years."

UCL EdTech Labs accelerator program launches in America with its first cohort of startups, and Lumiii has been recognized as one of the most exciting edtech products. Lumiii offers innovative digital education crafted along with the goals of UN Sustainable Development: Zero Hunger, Gender Equality, No Poverty, and more. 

"UCL Edtech Labs is delighted to be partnering with the team at Lumiii," said Houtan Froushan, UCL EdTech Labs Program Director. "We expanded into the Americas in search of the world's brightest and best edtech innovators — and that is exactly what we've found in Lumiii and their phenomenally talented team." 

Lumiii incentivizes users to learn the UN SDGs, Web3 essentials, and the World Economic Forum's Future-Needed Job Skills, in exchange for LumiiiTokens and premium LumiiiNFT gaming products.

"Our partnership will place the learner at the heart of the learning products Lumiii is building. Applying our evidence-based innovation methods developed with some of the greatest minds around, coupled with the wonderful creators at Lumiii, can only result in some of the most exciting educational products out there," added Froushan.

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About Secret Pirates Entertainment Inc.

Secret Pirates Entertainment Inc. is a Canadian global media and gaming company marketing consumer products across all age groups. Founded in 2021 by Ali Badshah and Mehdi Rahman, Secret Pirates' mandate is to democratize the global arts and entertainment industry through altruism and decentralized technologies.

About Lumiii

Lumiii uses interactive storytelling and learn-to-earn gaming to build the next generation of skilled and conscientious people. Co-founded by ACTRA Award-nominated actor, showrunner, and comedian Ali Badshah and international business leader Mehdi Rahman, Lumiii by Secret Pirates Entertainment Inc. demystifies the blockchain and decentralized finance (DeFi) for kids and adults, while amplifying the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) through its entertainment, gaming, and easy-to-use digital offerings.

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About UCL EdTech Labs

UCL EdTech Labs is a UCL-led programme that connects the learning innovations community to the world's best educational research and entrepreneurial practice, developing and growing the brightest learning and teaching innovators whose visions are to fundamentally reshape how people learn. Its pioneering approach aims to build and develop world-class EdTech products and services, based on what works for teachers and learners. Enabling entrepreneurs to develop and grow, creating the very best products that are tried and tested with the learner at the heart. UCL ETtech Labs is supported by Santander Universities, AWS, OneValley and IDEALondon, and is in an alliance with University College London. For further information, visit

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