Lucidity Festival Marks Its 10-Year Anniversary With Innovative NFT Drop

Lucidity Festival, an open-source transformational arts and music festival held in Southern California, is announcing its first NFT drop with the Lucid Multiverse.

The NFT mint is planned for March 24 and March 25 with the 24th being a Whitelist presale for those who sign up and the 25th being a public sale open to anyone. More details will be announced in The Lucid Multiverse Discord Community: 

The mythic lore of the Lucid Multiverse NFT Treasure Hunt creates an immersive storytelling experience. The Lucid Multiverse is designed to get participants out into the world, traveling to epic destinations on planet earth, attending festivals, unraveling a mysterious and mythic story, collaborating and competing in scavenger hunts, discovering tangible and crypto treasure, creating art funded by art grants, and living the life of one's dreams.

Built on the environmentally conscious technology of Solana blockchain, the collection will feature 888 spirit animals, such as owl, dragon, tiger, coyote, jaguar, ape, dove, and space whale. Its unique utility includes scavenger hunts, epic travel packages for winning teams, treasure drops (with residual income potential), real-life festival tickets, art grants, and free mints on future collections.

The NFTs feature striking colorful art by Adam Verhasselt of Vlux Visuals, whose lifelong and professional experience has evolved from drawing to photoshop, video, and 3D animation. He creates visual experiences to help companies build an impactful online presence.

The multi-year roadmap includes a second NFT collection and eight Scavenger Hunts in total.

As Lucidity Festival co-founder Jonah Haas states: "The visionary uniqueness of the Lucid Multiverse is that it seeks to get people reconnected to the magic of an epic sunset in a foreign land, the vibrant feeling of meeting new friends, to shake their bodies on a dancefloor in the forest, and to feel the fulfillment of creating original art … And we aim to do this via immersive mythic storytelling. This is an Alternative Reality Game (ARG) of epic proportions!"

The creative team behind the project, Lucidity Festival, has a 10-year track record of producing world-class experiences for audiences of 5000. It also includes experienced Solana developer Pete Mall, strategist Jaymo Barnard, Aaron Hernandez as Discord manager, moderators Arie Ureta and Matthew Rideout, consultant Julian Reyes of Keyframe-Entertainment, and administrator Ally Avila.

The NFT drop is a meaningful way for Lucidity Festival to celebrate its 10th anniversary this year, with its Regeneration Earth iteration. After a hiatus as a result of Covid-19, Lucidity Festival returns to Live Oak Campground on April 8-10, 2022. Its new Lucid Multiverse project is part of the team's goal of wanting to share their events and mythos with the wider world using emergent web3 technologies. 1 in 3 NFTs contains a Golden Ticket granting the holder access to Lucidity Festival 2022.

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Source: Lucidity Festival