Lucas Therapeutic Is 'Lending A Hand' To Massage Therapists In Fl By Offering Easy Payment Options For Continuing Education License Renewal

Lucas Therapeutic offers cutting edge Continuing Education (CEU) modules designed to meet Florida renewal requirements for Massage Therapists. They also offer multiple payment options for therapists needing to pay for their license renewal in installments

Lucas therapeutic, a leading provider of Continuing Education, is lending a hand to massage therapists in Florida in recognition of Florida renewal year 2015.  Edward Lucas, Director of Education for Lucas Therapeutic, explained that massage therapists are not only intuitive healers, but many are also astute business owners.  “Depending on their level of employment, renewal season could become a costly time for some therapists.  In 2013, thousands of massage therapists did not renew their licenses, in part because they were not able to afford the costs associated with license renewal. 

At Lucas Therapeutic, we’re committed to making license renewal affordable for all therapists.  As a Continuing Education (CEU) Provider, I believe we are the only program that not only offers competitive renewal prices, but also offers therapists the choice to enroll and begin completing their CEUs but pay for it over time.  Breaking their payments up into smaller, more manageable amounts is our way of supporting therapists who give so much back to their clients and the community as a whole.  This Easy Payment Option program was specifically created to give therapists a helping hand by making license renewal affordable for all." 

Most people now recognize massage therapy as a powerful ally in their healthcare regimen.  The use of massage therapy to address a host of physical, mental and stress related ailments has boomed in the last few years.  Its proven effectiveness and research supported health benefits has many smart consumers regularly scheduling appointments as a part of their holistic, healthy diet and fitness regimens.  Consumer research shows that 75% of first-time massage therapy clients report very positive feelings about their experience. 

Florida law mandates Massage Therapists and Bodyworkers to renew their licenses biennially (every two years).  This renewal mandate requires therapists to complete 24 hours of Continuing Education to renew their licenses by August 31, 2015.  This law also calls for therapists to complete 12 hours of live classroom instruction relevant to massage technique.  The other 12 hours can be done online, or as remote study.  Florida also has specific mandates on what classes must be taken.  Each therapist must take 2 hours of Florida Law, 2 hours of Ethics and 2 hours of Prevention of Medical Errors. 

“While some providers only offer remote study, and some offer live instruction, at Lucas Therapeutic we offer both.  We deliver on-site trainings if requested, at massage studios or spas.  Therapists can work on their license renewal from the comfort of their own home and for the live classes they have a choice of a conference room venue or an outdoor venue.  We strive to make our learning modules interactive, challenging and interesting.  For therapists that love the outdoors or for those that yearn for unique, fun, engaging programs, we do renewal classes at local parks.  We set up tents with tables, chairs, massage tables and class materials under massive shady trees. We kick-start the day with a continental breakfast, and offer healthy snacks throughout.  Although we are outdoors in these beautiful, picturesque environments, to break up the intensity of the day we encourage our students to bring blankets for a picnic lunch.  We have ice-breaker activities and getting to know you games so this one day training actually becomes a great place to network, meet like-minded individuals and connect with a supportive community,” said Lucas.

For information on free classes or to register  for CEU programs, find Lucas Therapeutic on the web.  Lucas Therapeutic will be providing classes in the Orlando, Tampa, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Miami areas during the month of June.  To find out when they will be in your city or for more information about Lucas Therapeutic and their affiliate programs, call 954.800.5760