LTA Logistics a Leader in Hauling Heavy Equipment

Heavy equipment transport in North America is offered by LTA Logistics. The equipment and drivers are highly qualified to complete the tasks of moving unwieldy loads.

LTA Logistics is pleased to report that its fleet of equipment is able to provide reliable and affordable heavy equipment transport. The scope of geographical services includes Canada, Mexico and the United States. As the company continues to build its reputation among the many heavy haul trucking companies in the industry, customers appreciate the customer service performance, as well as an outstanding safety record.

The company is able to reliably provide farm equipment transport, as well as moving other types of equipment which is large, heavy or over-sized. Many industries require moving equipment from one location to another. Some examples include mining equipment, military vehicles and equipment, and construction vehicles and equipment. An investment in this type of equipment is significant and business owners may be reluctant to spend more of their capital to purchase trucks for hauling the equipment from one location to another, particularly if the moves are only occasional.

LTA Logistics is a primary transportation and logistics company with over two decades of expertise in the field of hauling heavy equipment, heavy project cargo, heavy machinery transportation and related services. For more detail visit our website!

LTA Logistics, CEO

The services provided by LTA Logistics include highly qualified drivers to assist with the movement of equipment. The personnel are able to identify the particular type of vehicle which is needed to move the specific equipment. Only drivers who are knowledgeable and experienced in the type of transport project which is needed will do the actual driving.

LTA trucks and transport fleets are the best in the business. The company understands the importance of reliable equipment to avoid costly and time-wasting breakdowns while on the roads. The fleet is kept in optimal condition through regular maintenance and repair.

Other services are available from LTA Logistics. They are able to dismantle heavy equipment when that is required. Storing equipment for customers is a service which helps to reduce overhead. Companies that have their own vehicles which are not used for a period of time can arrange for storage in LTA Logistics spaces.

Contact Information:

Company Name: LTA Logistics Inc
Address: 13590 S.W. 134 Ave Suite 209, Miami, Florida
Contact Telephone Number: (305) 408-6224
Contact Fax Number: (786) 732-0050
Toll Free: (888) 502-0582