Lt. Gen. Vincent R. Stewart (Ret.) Joins Devvio Board of Directors

Former Deputy Commander United States Cyber Command Brings World-Class Security and Strategy Expertise to Devvio's Powerhouse Team

​Devvio, which has created the world's most cost-effective and scalable blockchain platform, today announced that Lieutenant General (Ret.) Vincent Stewart has been appointed to its board of directors. Vince Stewart is the founder and CEO of Stewart Global Solutions LLC, an international consulting organization. He retired from the U.S. Marine Corps after more than 38 years of active commissioned service to the nation. He served as the 20th director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). On his final tour of duty, he served as the Deputy Commander United States Cyber Command and he brings deep strategic and cybersecurity leadership to the board.

"Vince is arguably one of the most important leaders in the world with respect to cybersecurity, which is an area where Devvio’s technology can have a global impact," said Devvio CEO Tom Anderson. "We are thrilled and honored to welcome Vince to the Devvio team. It is a significant milestone for Devvio and his expertise will play a key role in deploying our technology across government, military and industry applications. It is not until you have a blockchain solution that is as scalable and cost-effective as ours is that it can be deployed across such immense use-cases and with Vince’s strategic guidance, I am optimistic that Devvio can develop the backbone for much of the world’s cybersecurity and logistics needs.”

Vince is a career intelligence officer who brings over 30 years of experience in national defense, cybersecurity, information technology development and customer support. He served around the globe in leadership positions for both the Marine Corps and the National Security Agency, specializing in Signals Intelligence and Cyber Operations.

He has vast experience in large, complex global and national information operations, information technology deployment and customer requirement satisfaction. As the director of DIA, he implemented regionally aligned, integrated analytic mission centers to bring focus to the global challenges facing our nation. He has the unique ability to integrate complex programs and business operations, allowing the organization to focus on mission-essential goals.

"Devvio’s technology is truly disruptive. In my career, I have seen most of the problems and potential solutions around security and what I saw in Devvio is that their technology solves many of what I can describe as the most significant problems cybersecurity professionals face today," said Lt. Gen. Stewart. "I'm delighted to join the Devvio board of directors and look forward to working with Devvio's strong leadership team to help drive the global growth of the company.”

For more information on Vincent Stewart and the Devvio team, visit the Devvio website or reach out directly via the contact information below.

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