LSI Partners With CASEL

LSI Partners with CASEL to Offer Educators a Digital Walkthrough Tool for Measuring Schoolwide Social and Emotional Learning Implementation


Learning Sciences International (LSI) and the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) have formed a national partnership to improve access to real-time, observable data that supports implementation of social and emotional learning (SEL). Through this partnership, they are offering educators an easy-to-use digital tool that provides robust data on the level of schoolwide SEL implementation.

The exclusive partnership integrates LSI’s powerful data system, known as Trend Tracker, with CASEL’s Schoolwide SEL Walkthrough Protocol, created by the national experts at CASEL. CASEL’s Walkthrough Protocol is informed by CASEL’s 25 years of research in the field of SEL and more than a decade of partnering with major U.S. districts to make SEL central to the educational process.

SEL is the process through which adults and students learn to understand and manage emotions, work toward positive goals, show empathy for others, develop positive relationships, and make good decisions, among other skills and behaviors. As schools and districts pivot to find a “new normal” in a socially distanced world and beyond, the social and emotional needs for students, adults, and school communities become even more apparent.

Michael Toth, CEO of LSI, says the partnership is a tremendous opportunity for school district leaders to use real-time data to support schools in systemic SEL implementation and for school leaders to reflect on strengths and opportunity areas to maximize the benefits of SEL implementation for all students. 

“The integration of CASEL’s expertise with Trend Tracker will empower schools to spotlight successes, identify areas of needed growth and provide valuable real-time data for schools to continuously improve SEL implementation,” said Toth.

Melissa Schlinger, CASEL’s vice president of practice and programs, said the new tool is aligned with CASEL's 10 Indicators of Schoolwide SEL, and improves the ease of collection, accuracy and reporting. She said it also addresses a need for high-quality, actionable data on SEL implementation.

“A growing number of schools and districts are implementing SEL programming because two decades of research show it works. Implementing SEL effectively and sustainably requires educators to learn from successes and challenges and refine SEL strategies to best meet the needs of all students,” said Schlinger.

The agreement designates LSI as an official CASEL research partner, and the two organizations are actively planning a number of research studies to learn more about the utility of the tool. To learn more about this exciting new tool to support systemic SEL implementation, visit

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