LPW Celebrates 15 Years Customizing Learning Solutions Worldwide

LPW Training's 15th Anniversary

LPW Training Services has reached an exciting milestone celebrating its 15th anniversary as a leader of global learning solutions in the Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences industries. 

LPW was founded in 2004 by Liza Pizarro-White, CEO, focusing primarily on delivering high-quality learning solutions concentrated on CRM within the Life Science industry. The LPW Team has grown globally to over 100 employees and consultants and operates offices in the US and London. They provide multi-channel training offerings in over 30 languages.

Since inception in 2004, the company has built a tradition of learning excellence. LPW’s methodology infuses company objectives, relevant business scenarios, and adult learning principles to increase adoption and sustained learning. The company has expanded its learning solutions across multiple applications in areas such as content management and business intelligence. LPW's service offerings have expanded to include project management and change management, and their proven product delivers multi-channel learning solutions that drive changed behaviors across your business applications and processes.

“This has been an exciting 15 years!” said Liza Pizarro-White, CEO of LPW Training Services, “LPW has experienced exceptional growth and development, and we will close out 2019 with the most successful year yet. Our focus will remain on offering learning solutions specific to OUR customer’s needs for their business applications and processes. The importance of embedding change management principles in our methodology has become paramount. Maintaining the highest standards of training is still The LPW Advantage.”

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LPW Training provides end-to-end, enterprise learning solutions for technology deployment initiatives.

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