LowerMyRx Has Saved Patients Millions on Medication Purchases

Prescription Discount Program has saved consumers millions on their medication purchases at local pharmacies nationwide.

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LowerMyRx, a nationwide prescription discount program, announced today that their free service has been able to save patients millions of dollars on medication purchases over the past eight years. LowerMyRx helps consumers search and compare discounted medication prices, saving patients up to 80% at thousands of pharmacies nationwide.

Now more than ever, patients are searching for additional ways to save money on their medications. When compared to health insurance, prescription discount programs occasionally allow for even lower prices and are becoming increasingly popular in all pharmacies. Providing discounts at over 35,000 pharmacies nationwide, CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, just to name a few, LowerMyRx is advantageous for anyone who would benefit from lower medication prices. Whether you're 65 and older, or picking up medications for your toddler, the program has no eligibility requirements. Patients can receive their LowerMyRx card and coupons through email, text, or mail and start saving on medications instantly.

On many occasions, it comes as a surprise when patients find out their medication is not covered by insurance. It's a difficult situation for both the patient and the pharmacist when options are limited. This is where LowerMyRx steps in. Not only can LowerMyRx provide a discount, but the LowerMyRx website (www.LowerMyRx.com) also prioritizes helping patients find the lowest price for their medications. Through the lowest price finder and the pharmacy locator available within the site, patients have easy access to finding the best deals. This saves people both time and money. LowerMyRx sidesteps the challenge of accessibility that many pharmacies and patients face. With LowerMyRx, consumers can present the digital LowerMyRx coupon to the pharmacist, as all the information needed is already on the image of the card. There is no activation or registration required.

Patients may, unfortunately, run into high copays and less insurance coverage. LowerMyRx takes pride in helping patients lower the price burden and making sure people can better afford the medications that they need. Whether it be blood pressure medication or cholesterol-lowering medication, patients can search for discounts on LowerMyRx.com and save. Discounts are available for both brand and generic medications and discounts are offered for a variety of drugs. In addition to helping you and your family, LowerMyRx also helps save on pet medications.

LowerMyRx® is not insurance but a prescription discount program that provides savings on prescription medications at local pharmacies. The discount card can be used by multiple family members and has no expiration or limits on usage. This streamlines the process for savings and allows for very few complications. Lowering medication costs since 2013, LowerMyRx strives to help as many patients as possible and make medication affordable for all.

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LowerMyRx Prescription Discount Cards and Coupons give users a savings of up to 80% on brand name and generic drugs at over 35,000 pharmacies nationwide. LowerMyRx helps users search and compare discounted medication prices at pharmacies near them.

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