Low Voltage Template Giveaway - sandman.com Partners with Low Voltage Nation

sandman.com is giving away up to 5,000 of our most popular product to support Low Voltage Installers and Telecom Technicians.

Low Voltage Mounting Template Giveaway

sandman.com, Inc. has partnered with Low Voltage Nation to continue to provide training, education and support for Low Voltage Installers and Telecom Technicians.

To celebrate the new partnership, we're giving away up to 5,000 of our most popular low voltage installation tool, the Low Voltage Mounting Template with Levels. Terms and conditions for the giveaway can be found at:

The Low Voltage Mounting Template saves technician's time and helps ensure a neat and professional installation.

sandman.com, Inc. has been providing support and products for Telecom Technicians and Low Voltage Installers since 1990 and is well know in the industry for unique solutions that "fix the unfixable".

Low Voltage Nation is an active social community built to help educate and train Low Voltage and Technology professionals.

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