Low Dose Syringes From One Company Has GEDSA's Acceptance

Low does syringes from one company has solved all concerns of low dose medications accuracy.

​Low dose medications accuracy has always been a concern especially when it comes to administering it to neonatal patients. There is one company that has been presenting an unique line of neonatal and pharmacy products. Being formed in 2007, there has been no looking back for this company and over the years they have gone on adding it to their list of products which is an outstanding one in today’s time. Known as NeoMed, the company has been very lucky in gaining the acceptance of GEDSA for their low dose syringes. GEDSA or the Global Enteral Device Supplier Association comprises manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of enteral nutrition devices worldwide.

A position statement released by GEDSA, focused on the concerns on low dose medications and the new ENFIT connectors. NeoMed’s low dose syringe tubes showcases the ENFIT syringe design solution and with the acceptance of GEDSA, has achieved the status of being a global solution to the problem of administering low volume medication dosing accuracy.

NeoMed’s product line with ENFIT connectors is scheduled to be available in the market within the first half of this year. The company assured that all NeoConnect products will be featuring ENFIT compliant connectors. The product range consist Pharmacy Syringes, Pharmacy Bottle Caps, the DoseMate™ Oral Administration Tip, and Syringe Coupler, Feeding Tubes, Extension Sets, Sterile Enteral Syringes, NeoSecure Self-Righting Tip Caps, and Hub Cleaning Tool.

The low dose syringes from NeoMed are available in various sizes from 0.5 mL, 1 mL, 3 mL, and 6 mL.  

For more details on their low dose syringes, please visit http://www.neomedinc.com/news.html or call 770-516-2225 to let them know of the needs today.

About The Company: NeoMed is one of the reputed names in Woodstock, GA that is around since 2007 offering a wide range of neonatal and pharmacy products. The company excels in offering low dose syringes, syringe tubes, catheters and kits and many more.


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