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Today, the world's first video-only dating site, featuring automatic profile creation, is launching.

Lovetube, whose slogan is "Find dates using video", offers subscribers the opportunity to upload a video of themselves and to search for videos of possible partners anywhere and in any language.

Find Dates Using Video.

N Wilson, Spokesman

Uploading to can be done from smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktops and no typing of profiles or lists of wants is required. Users simply follow the suggested topics to cover, or not, and then submit their video — or send in a video and LoveTube will automatically create a profile, emailing you back when it's ready.

To find a match, subscribers need only to submit their video and tick their preferences. The location search feature ensures that subscribers see those with videos who are relevant to them, and they can see each member's interests along with their video.

Age, geography and orientation are irrelevant to joining the service, as it is available in all languages and to all members of the community as long as they are 18 and over.

A Lovetube source said: "As far as we are aware, we are launching the first-ever video-only dating site, with automatic profile creation. We truly believe it's the next generation of dating — no still photography shots, just real video with audio. So now you can hear as well as see someone you think you may be interested in.

"Many people struggle with encapsulating what they want to say about themselves and what they are looking for in words. With Lovetube, there is no more stressful agonising over what to write; you simply create a short 'video selfie', upload (or send in however you like) and start searching and wait to be searched.

"Plus, you can change your videos at no extra cost at any time."

Lovetube is available at £29.95 per month, with no longtime commitment (cancel at any time).

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LoveTube enables would be daters to find partners, using the power of video. It's fast and easy to use, which means the appeal is worldwide and universal. With no long commitment, it's the next move up for digital daters.
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