Love Trumps Hate Movement Sweeps Global Dating Scene


Love Trumps Hate Dating & Friendship Movement ( recently launched its social website, where members from all over the world can interact and connect freely with like-minded friends and partners. 

It is more important now than ever to unite and to promote support for self and others. People are seeking out partners and associates who share common passions and interests not just nationally, but around the globe. The site translates twenty-two languages from which to select.

“People just don’t want to date or associate with someone who would support Donald Trump. It has to do with their character, their belief system, their very way of thinking,” says Susan Sanders, PR representative for the corporation.

Member Marie Beauchene says: “It’s not just about parties anymore. There are now two distinct classes of people: The pro-Trump class and the resistance class. I will never date someone who supports Trump.”

“I joined the site so I don’t have to waste my time and effort,” says member Adam Jensen. “A woman who supports Trump would be a deal-killer for me.” is not a typical dating site. It is a fun and engaging site with modern features and capabilities.  Members can:

  • easily message and communicate with other members, including video chat;
  • upload photos and videos;
  • create custom profiles and post or share ideas;
  • share and play their favorite games and videos with other members;
  • visit 3-D City, which consists of 13 engaging venues where members can create their own personalized avatars and socialize with other members.

Basic membership is free; upgrading to premium level includes a nominal fee and activates “superpowers” within the site. Android and iPhone mobile apps are soon to be released.

“This is a movement — a resistance. And we are proud to be a big part of that,” says Sanders.

For more information on Love Trumps Hate Dating & Friendship Movement, visit or email, Susan Sanders, (218) 261-8040.

Source: Love Trumps Hate Dating & Friendship Movement


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