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A love equation allows to quantify the importance of a relationship, how satisfying it is and its strength. Discovered in Vancouver, it also comes with an approach to improve relationship dynamics and a tool to keep track of variations other time

February 9th, 2010 - VANCOUVER (Canada) - Love can be represented with variables in an equation, and relationship can be improved with a holistic approach to couple dynamics. As long as the equation is open enough to let the respondents define what matters (and in which measure) for them in a relationship, and defined enough to allow comparison within a couple and also among different respondents.

Love can be represented as: Love = (Aw * Ag) + (Mw * Mg) + (A1w * A1g) + (Rw * Rg) + (Ew * Eg) + (...). By coincidence, the initials of those variables form the word AmAre, which in Italian language means "to love". The site offers tool to easily calculate and compare the AmAre Way Index, online and offline.

These are the variables, which represent the pillars of a successful relationship:
A: Aware (being) of each other and couple's feelings, thoughts, needs and wants
M: Meditating together, or at least sharing thoughts
A1:Active (being) together, do things together
R: Respectful (being) of each other and couple's feelings, thoughts, needs and wants
E: Eating properly and support each other healthy lifestyle, and also feed the relationship with positive feelings and thoughts
(...): if there are additional aspects considered too important to be included in the rest of the formula, they can be weighted and graded here

For each of such pillars, two aspects are quantified by respondents:
w: weight, importance given to each aspect (sum of all weights should be 100)
g: grade, rating given to each aspect (each grade is a value between 0 and 1)

As mentioned on this formula can be used in many ways, including to quantify the importance of a relationship, how satisfying it is and its strength.

A spreadsheet is offered on to easily calculate the AmAre Way Love Index. Partners can then share their own results at the same time, and discuss them. Additional interesting applications include comparing what people perceive as their partner's satisfaction level is (using w: estimated weight, estimated importance given by partner to each aspect; g: estimated grade, estimated rating given by partner to each aspect) with how happy their partner really is.

This formula is meant to be descriptive and preventive, but not predictive. The author of this formula is also working on the formula of happiness which, in its more advanced form, will allow to predict different degrees of likelihood for an event, action, etc. to succeed in a specific context.

AmAre formula offers a rational tool to gain more knowledge about the current status of a relationship; AmAre Way offers an approach to improve it, for the benefit of the couple. For any question, input, etc. please use to get in touch with


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