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It seems meeting people has never been easier, yet finding a partner has never been more difficult. The modern approach to dating – go on as many dates as possible and hope you meet your soulmate – isn’t working. 

“What makes you a catch?” asks Love Coach Lynn Goodacre. “The person you’re searching for is searching for you. Be yourself so they can find you.”

People come to me because they want to be in a relationship, but we're really learning how to live richer lives so we're prepared to be in a great relationship when the right person reveals themselves.

Lynn Goodacre

Goodacre is a dating and relationship coach that works with singles who are looking for love and couples who want to thrive in their relationship.

Goodacre’s clients are typically highly-educated men and women with great careers; they just haven’t found the loving relationships they are looking for. Lynn says this often due to a lack of clarity about what their ideal relationship would be. That’s what makes working with a coach so helpful.

Lynn combines her own experience with the training she’s received from The Relationship Coaching Institute to support her clients as they explore their values and goals and address the limiting beliefs and behaviours that spoil loving relationships.

“I do a lot of visioning with my client of what their ideal relationship would be. From there we can begin to imagine our ideal partner,” says Goodacre. “There’s more to a relationship than chemistry. Don’t become so fixated on chemistry that you forget what’s really important to you: finding someone who really gets you and has your back.”

How do we make room for a real relationship in our lives? According to Goodacre, we need to be clear on who we are and what we want, so we can screen potential partners without investing time and energy in dead-end relationships.

“The goal for me is the transformation of the person, regardless of whether or not they find the perfect relationship,” says Goodacre. “People come to me because they want to be in a relationship, but we’re really learning more about ourselves and how to live richer lives so we’re prepared to be in a great relationship when the right person reveals themselves to us.”

"My clients feel heard, honored and appreciated and I celebrate their successes with them,” says Goodacre. “My greatest joy is to help singles make great relationship choices so they find lasting, fulfilling love.”

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