Lovappy© Announces a Novel Dating App Intended for Musicians, Cannabis Users and 'Ballers'

​​​​Lovappy© has quietly launched an entertaining, hands-free dating app that enables users a very different experience. There are three communication options available on Lovappy: users can send music with highlighted lyrics, send a recorded voice message or (for a certain type of dater) send a gift. Users that send gifts are called ballers. A baller is someone that confidently spends money.

According to Mark Nejmeh, a Lovappy Community Marketing Manager, “Ballers are not the only target market. Another intended audience is the under-served cannabis community, although Lovappy is suitable for everyone. Lovappy claims that today’s world is made up of four types of people: people that use cannabis, people that used cannabis in the past, people that are thinking about using cannabis, and people that will never use cannabis.”

Lovappy’s registration process is efficient and results in a more accurate data matching algorithm because it asks questions other apps overlook. Users quickly learn where a potential date stands on important issues like politics, religion and sex.

Music is another important Lovappy feature. Users can send music with highlighted lyrics to communicate their desires. Users are also entertained with new music woven in between the automatically playing voice profiles. In the future, Lovappy will also insert other interesting and informing content like news and snippets of literature.

Beyond the typical features of the dating app, Lovappy organizes events like hikes, concerts and museum walks. The app additionally has a resource for listing best dating places based on specific criteria. Lovappy users will soon be able to interact using yet another innovative feature - a built-in streaming game show currently in production.

Lovappy was inspired by divorced single people with more than 20 years’ experience using other dating apps. A consortium of opinions was evaluated to create this unusual app. The success of Lovappy hinges on whether or not the app can attract users and original content.

Lovappy is working with a content-curating app called UpYours to upload original content for sale directly to the Lovappy platform. UpYours is available in App Store and Play Store. Each time a user sends a song to a potential date, the musician earns approximately $0.40.

Without any advertising, Lovappy has generated about 5,000 users worldwide. The app is available in five languages - English, Italian, Serbian, Portuguese and Spanish - and is downloadable through Google Play, Apple App Store and Amazon Appstore. Lovappy can make love happy. The founders of Lovappy are lovers and broken-hearted.

Lovappy is a dating app that promotes community, commerce, and safe social interaction. Lovappy believes that alone is unhealthy and that love heals all. Lovappy will continue to innovate and develop. Lovappy is the creation of APPY LLC, a Wyoming, USA, company. www.lovappy.com 

Media Contact: Mark Nejmeh / Mark@lovappy.com / 732-995-3914        

Source: Lovappy