Lottie Support Now Live in SVGator: The Easiest Animation Implementation Process

Lottie animation breakthrough update, as SVGator rolls out support to enable users to import, create, and export Lottie files with a simplified and complete workflow all in one place.

Lottie Support Now Live in SVGator

SVGator, the easiest web animation tool to work with for beginners and professionals, announces its latest milestone update, introducing full support for the Lottie file format. With this functionality upgrade, designers and developers can now use SVGator to implement Lottie animations into their projects, with none of the setbacks of other Lottie solutions to worry about. The brand’s goal continues to be to simplify the animation workflow.

Lottie, first developed by Airbnb, is set to become a standard open file format thanks to its suitability for smooth and lightweight interactive animations for both the web and mobile apps. Like scalable vector graphics, Lottie is a vector-based format with excellent multi-platform support that enables designers to create performance-optimized animated graphics. By implementing the most comprehensive and intuitive solution to create Lottie animations, SVGator consolidates its position as the go-to animation software on the market.

“We’re thrilled to bring Lottie support to SVGator, granting our users the ability to take their animation projects to new heights and captivate audiences on any device or platform,” says Csenge Miklos, Project Manager at SVGator. “This pivotal update is just the latest effort our team has upheld to align ourselves with the commitment to build the ultimate animation tool for creatives across the board. Now, you can import Lottie animations into SVGator, edit and animate with familiar graphic tools, or export your animated SVG creations as a Lottie file. We’re dedicated to eliminating the bounds on creativity!”

SVGator’s Lottie file support sets in motion some considerable upgrades to the Lottie ecosystem:

  • Effortless Lottie Import - with just one click, you can have your pre-made Lottie animation uploaded into SVGator’s editor.
  • Advanced Animation Toolset - customize, adjust timing with keyframes, and add easing for impressive animated effects, all within the app’s UI.
  • One-Step Lottie Export - the easiest way to animate Lottie also includes the most straightforward solution for exporting Lottie files, directly in the tool’s export panel.
  • Optimized JSON Setting - this option in SVGator’s Lottie export settings gives you the possibility to reduce the file’s size by up to 70% by optimizing the JSON structure.
  • Unlimited Free Exports - for the time being, you can export an unlimited number of Lottie animations from SVGator with advanced features included, all completely free.

Source: SVGator

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