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A medical spa is an establishment that incorporates aspects of both medical clinics and day spas. The key difference between a day spa and a medical spa is that medical spas operate under the guidance of a fully fledged medical doctor.

This enables medical spas to administer treatments that can be considerably more effective than those offered by straightforward day spas, in addition to treating conditions that regular day spas cannot handle at all. Day spas do not have medical staff - they only employ licensed beauty technicians who can offer services like facials, massages and hair treatments. This greatly limits the range of cosmetic conditions that day spas can help you with. Day spas are oriented more towards a luxury experience and almost have a holiday feel to them, whereas medical spas are highly goal-oriented and aim to treat specific conditions in a highly effective fashion. Indeed, the atmosphere of a good medical spa resembles that of a doctor's office.

A good medical spa has highly trained and friendly medical staff who work under the supervision of a medical doctor. You should choose a medical spa that has state-of-the-art equipment that has been tested and approved by the FDA. A good medical spa offers services that regular day spas cannot perform, all of which can treat a number of cosmetic conditions effectively and often permanently: services offered by medical spas include LipoLaser™, a particularly effective way of eliminating difficult patches of fat without resorting to traumatic and invasive surgery; the treatment of acne with intense pulsed light (IPL) or photodynamic treatment (PDT) when topical or oral treatments have failed to resolve the issue; Botox® injections to reduce wrinkles; liquid facelifts consisting of Botox® injections accompanied by dermal fillers to rejuvenate the contours of your face; hand rejuvenation, an essential component of looking younger; skin resurfacing with eMatrix™, which is a very attractive alternative to chemical peels in the treatment of acne scars; laser hair removal, a much more long-term hair-removal solution; and the treatment of keloid scars, which are notoriously difficult to deal with. These procedures are all exceedingly effective and cleared by the FDA, but they can only be performed by the medically qualified staff of medical spas.

When shopping around for a medical spa, do not be afraid to talk to the technicians or the doctor who is responsible for the establishment. You are well within your rights to request to see their qualifications, as well as before-and-after photographs of their cosmetic and medical rejuvenation procedures. A high-quality medical spa that it is confident of the quality of its services will be delighted to show you photographs of their results!

If you have a condition that has not shown a satisfactory response to regular cosmetic treatments - for example, problems such as persistent acne, keloid scars, brown spots on your hands or pockets of fat that have so far resisted diets and exercise - the good news is that the procedures offered by a good medical spa stand a very good chance of dramatically improving your problem or eliminating it altogether. You will be pleasantly surprised at just how effectively these perfectly safe and non-invasive procedures can help you realize your aesthetic potential by improving or completely eliminating your cosmetic problem.

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