Los Angeles Criminal Investigators and Experts Create 'Elite Court Experts' Consortium

Timothy T. Williams Jr., police procedure and use-of-force expert

Prominent independent Los Angeles criminal investigators and experts have combined forces to create Elite Court Experts (ECE), a consortium offering training, consultation, legal services and media commentary. ECE members work daily in the trenches of the Los Angeles justice system assisting top attorneys on the most complex and high-profile cases in the country's busiest legal system. The prestigious team is composed of: Timothy T. Williams Jr. (police procedure and use-of-force); Nick Morrow (drug use/sales, marijuana and DUI); James Allard (robbery/homicide); Reginald Stewart (premise security); Robert Royce (human trafficking); Michael L. Jones (forensic audio/video); Mehul B. Anjaria (DNA); Gregorio Estevane (gangs), and Martin Flores (gangs).

As Mr. Estevane puts it, "the government cannot and does not get it 100% right every time," therefore it is imperative that the criminal defense community use conscientious investigators and experts to conduct due diligence.

ECE members' work has been instrumental in notable cases including the Grim Sleeper (Lonnie Franklin); Anthony Brown (the informant who brought down Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca); Robert Blake (Baretta); Steven Gordon (convicted Orange County serial killer); Anthony Pellicano (private investigator to the stars), and Winston Hayes (excessive force in Compton slow speed chase).

ECE members have provided expert media commentary on CNN, local Los Angeles news networks, History (formerly The History Channel), 20/20, Good Morning America, Inside Edition and Al Jazeera America News.

For media commentary and speaker requests, please contact Elite Court Experts at 213-266-7704 or m.anjaria@mbadnaconsulting.com.

Source: Elite Court Experts


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