Los Angeles Based Film and TV Production Company Asca Films Announces a New Web Comedy Series Finalization

ASCA Films announced today the finalization of "BEHIND THE BLINDS AKA FILMMAKING 101" - the first English web comedy series on filmmaking to be broadcast on YouTube.

Independent American, French, Spanish and Ukrainian filmmakers gathered to produce the show that can set a trend for higher quality scripted comedies released on YouTube.

The series creators Anna Skrypka (Ukraine), Charles Ancelle (France) and Adrian M. Ramos (Spain) believe that “BEHIND THE BLINDS AKA FILMMAKING 101” will attract more TV audience to YouTube.

“BEHIND THE BLINDS AKA FILMMAKING 101” follows two Eastern European mobsters who decide to produce an independent film to launder money. Lacking experience, they hire egotistical cast members and an inexperienced crew who focus on everything but the actual film. Meanwhile the writer tries to maintain coherence and stay alive.

The 1st season of the web series is set to premiere in February, 2016 on YouTube


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