LoopRope™ Ties Down Blinding Strike of J-Hook Bungee Cords Securing Safer Role In World Of Tie Down Straps

The weak J-hook fastener of traditional bungee cords make them a dangerous snake with a 60 mile per hour striking force. LoopRope's multi-anchor point fastening system combined with "S" clip carabiners make them the ophthalmologist's safe choice.

Bungee Cords Are A Leading Contributor To Serious Eye Injuries Every Year. The weak J-hook fastener of traditional bungee cords make them a dangerous snake with a 60 mile per hour striking force. LoopRope's multi-anchor point fastening system combined with locking "S" clip carabiners have become the ophthalmologist's tie down strap of choice.

The rise in serious eye injuries related to bungee cords has led to The American Medical Association calling for warning labels to be placed on bungee cords, including information about the deterioration of the cords, which can cause them to snap unexpectedly. It's true that cracks in traditional bungee cords significantly increase the failure risk of the bungee, but it is the J-hook fastener that is the main culprit of eye injury. The j-hook fasteners attached to traditional bungees are far too weak for the force and tension often created by the bungee when stretched over items. The J-hook shape is also not an effective shape for securing the bungee, often slipping from it's attachment point.

The LoopRope is constructed with high quality shock cord and it's looped anchor points evenly distribute the energy when in use. LoopRope also uses LoopClip® heavy duty dual-sided carabiner clips that lock when attached to tie down anchors. This combination eliminates the dangerous and unexpected "strike of the bungee".

How much safer are the LoopRope cargo tie downs ?
LoopRope is proud to have unsolicited endorsements from practicing Opthamologists. Their testimonials are ground breaking for a bungee style tie down strap.

Ophthalmologist Bill Epstein, M.D. stated, "As a practicing ophthalmologist I have seen many ocular injuries which result in severe loss of vision. Some of the worst trauma has been caused by bungee cords. These injuries occur in a split second when the hook slips off of the cord and strikes the eye with great force. The resulting damage inflicted includes ruptured globes, corneal lacerations and retinal detachments. The worst cases can result in complete blindness and even loss of the eye.

I believe that the LoopRope is a quantum leap forward. The locking hooks of the Loop Rope greatly reduce the risk of ocular injury. I have been using them on our woodland property for the past year and find them easy to secure and much safer than bungee cords. I believe that widespread use of your product would significantly reduce the number of ocular injuries nationwide.
Congratulations on such a useful invention!"

Ophthalmologist OpPaul N. Schultz, M.D. stated, "I've seen three eyes totally destroyed when bungee-like cords suddenly release and strike the owner in the eye. It's to the point that I now dissuade people from the use of BB-guns, paintball guns AND BUNGEE CORDS. The LoopRope design is so much stronger and more secure than bungee cords. We used them to tie down loads while floating the Owyhee River. There is no tangle, the options for fix points are innumerable, and the strength of both the cords and the carabiner-like clips dramatically reduce the risk of injury. We now use them to secure the electronic equipment that is transported for Mobile Eyes. It's great when a simple alteration to an existing product can so dramatically improve its safety and versatility. Great job!"

To find out more about LoopRope and their revolutionary tie down straps and fasteners visit their website: http://www.looprope.com

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