LookLagoon Adds New Stock Photo Categories to Their Collection

LookLagoon Inc. has added several new categories to their collection, offering even more stock photos for all customers to enjoy.

LookLagoon, a global provider of royalty-free photographs of nature, wildlife and landscapes, has introduced several new image categories to offer even more stock photos for all customers to enjoy.

The new categories provide a wider selection of images for entrepreneurs, small business owners and other valued customers, enhancing the shopping experience and making the photo selection process easier and more convenient.

LookLagoon’s new stock photo categories include:

  • At Night in Landscapes: Nighttime scenes, darkness and vast night skies​
  • Cliffs in Landscapes: Scenic views of cliffs and steep ridges​
  • Dry Regions in Landscapes: Barren landscapes including badlands
  • Mountains in Landscapes: Snow-capped summits, towering mountains and ranges
  • Blurred in Artistic: Blurred background photos great for adding text
  • Canada Day in Holidays and Celebrations: Canada flags and more
  • Railways in Travel and Recreation: Railroad tracks and trains in the wilderness

LookLagoon is dedicated to providing a pleasant experience through a user friendly website that is easy to navigate. Browse the new image categories and discover thousands of professional, eye-catching photos at LookLagoon.com.


LookLagoon Inc. is a global provider of commercially licensed, high quality photographs specializing in nature. The stock photo website consists of thousands of photos. Its image library is growing substantially and very quickly, as new stock is constantly added.

Established in 2013, LookLagoon’s offices are located in the Greater Toronto Area in beautiful Ontario, Canada, while customers can be found around the world. Visit www.looklagoon.com and connect with LookLagoon on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube and Pinterest to stay up to date with new additions to their site and receive exclusive discount codes.​