Looking for Work or a Better Paying Job? This Online Service Can Help Anyone Qualify for Their Dream Career

Pursuely helps clients polish their resumes with customized, verifiable academic credentials, work histories, and references so they can qualify for the jobs they seek. Most resumes don't tell the whole story about someone or their abilities. With Pursuely, job seekers can go from dreaming to doing.

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Millions of Americans looking for work may finally have the chance to pursue their dream career. Pursuely, a new company specializing in resume and career-enhancement services, is taking a radical new approach to the way people apply and qualify for new jobs. With Pursuely’s personalized Career Packages, job-seekers can apply for the jobs they want most with confidence behind each application.

Pursuely works directly with clients to provide credibility-enhancing documents and references that can remove the roadblocks that come with job-hunting. The company believes that a person’s resume cannot truly capture the full scope of a person’s lived experience — which is why it designs custom Career Packages that emphasize each client’s best attributes and skills to potential employers.

The references and credentials Pursuely offers are in a class above anything out there. All of its career and educational references are from highly developed sources with distinguished and established histories. This adds much-needed credibility to each resource that clients need to succeed. All Career Packages include a career-specific academic credential (i.e. Bachelors's degree, etc), current and prior employment references, as well as personal and professional references.

All resources are listed in major directories and have a searchable online presence. All support agents are fully prepared to back up each reference for inquiries and will be familiar with small details that even clients might not even think of asking.

Prospective clients may be wondering “Is this safe? Is this legal?” Not only are Pursuely’s services completely by-the-books to the letter of the law, but the company also takes great pride in its privacy-first policies. This includes encrypted offline data storage for client records, remote security monitoring, and absolute client confidentiality.

Pursuely tailors its references and credentials to suit each client’s goals and aspirations and offers in-house consultation services to chart an ongoing career path.

Each Career Package is designed to encompass all aspects of a client’s professional history, and every facet of their experience and growth is backed by local, U.S.-based agents who can vouch for any credentials and references they list on their resume. If Pursuely gets a call from a recruiter, you can count on the company to fully back up their client.

Studies have shown that meaningful employment can prevent drug and alcohol abuse, reduce instances of hunger and homelessness, and eliminate criminal activity in people’s lives.

The material needs of ordinary people often trump the barriers put up by industry leaders and professionals. Without gainful employment, anyone can have a hard time finding shelter, feeding themselves, or living a dignified life.

By empowering clients to reach the same level playing field as others in society, Pursuely drastically improves their chances of becoming respected, law-abiding community members.

Pursuely believes that a meaningful job can put anyone on the right path to becoming a great producer and leader in our society. Nobody can truly say how often some of the brightest talents in the world go overlooked because of a lack of written credentials. That’s why Pursuely’s mission is to give all job-seekers an equal chance to shine on their own merits. Pursuely makes the incredible credible.

Pursuely offers customized fully verifiable academic credentials such as high school diplomas, bachelor's, and master's degrees along with employment references from more than 100 different established businesses and institutions in a variety of industries and fields starting at just $995. No matter what someone's professional aspirations are, Pursuely can help jumpstart anyone's career and take the next step towards something new.

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