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If you are looking for a preschool, you may be wishing you had a check list of questions to ask or things to do so Billy Bears is going to do the best to give you a little help.

Children need adults. Beyond the obvious need for clothing, food, protection, and shelter, children need adults to provide positive direction and influence in their lives. When you make a lasting difference in a child's life, you have altered the course of a lifetime with a change that could affect every generation to follow. Making a difference in the life of a child is not hard. It just requires some deliberate action on our and your part to make the right kind of difference. Billy Bears makes a difference in the life of every child age 6 months till 6 years.

Many children never feel like the matter to anyone. While this is rarely true, this perception is a real negative in a child's life. Having an adult demonstrate that the child is important to them can be a major boost to the young one's morale and self-image. It does not take much to accomplish this. You are remembered throught out the childs life. A touch or a kind word can lift a child's spirits and improve their outlook on life.

A pat on the back or arm for older children and teens can be a good start. Excessive touching can be misunderstood by the child and other adults, but a human touch has a power rarely matched in the world. Even kind words expressed with affection can lift a child's outlook. It is surprising how many parents choose to call their children by names that are demeaning! And when they grow the same name continues. This is embarrassing at times when children grow up. Don't we as adults think of changing ourselves in calling names to children?

Find ways to introduce new and interesting things into the child's life. Some children are isolated from outside experiences. Their parents may work and still have too little money for activities. Maybe it is a single parent who must work multiple jobs to pay the rent and buy food. So, there is no time left for doing interesting things with the child. Children like to learn. Teaching a child about trees or cooking or some other interesting activity will leave a lasting impression. It might be a trip to a new place or just the opportunity to eat in a restaurant. It is hard to believe, but many children never get to enjoy. What most people take for granted.

It is that time of year when parents are starting to make decisions about where to send their child to preschool. If you are new to
sending your child to preschool, you need to know that it is important to start looking for a place early and to get on a list. Quality preschool programs can fill up rather fast and then you are left scrambling to find another place to go.

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