Look for DeMarco Murray to Move Up The Fantasy Football Rankings in 2014

Last year was a down here for running backs in fantasy football.

It seemed like only a couple of the top running backs drafted in the first two rounds actually produced numbers like Matt Forte, Jamaal Charles, and Adrian Peterson. Even though it's hard to trust running backs going into 2014, I think the DeMarco Murray from the Cowboys will be a running back we can trust and expect to get better leading into the 2014 season.

When Murray struggled to stay healthy in his first couple years in the NFL, many fantasy football owners lost faith in the breakout rookie running back who had the most rushing yards for a cowboy rookie back in 2011. Though in 2013, Murray proved fantasy football owners that he belongs back in the top 10 fantasy football running back discussion. Not only was Murray a dependable back on the playoffs, but he managed to prove just how important he is to the success of Tony Romo and the cowboys offense.

The Cowboys offense struggled immensely to keep a consistent running plan implemented throughout. The course of the 2013 season. When the cowboys focused on the run, Murray was able to average a great yard per carry and he even recorded a couple 100 yard rushing games, which really reminded fantasy football owners of his ability to break big plays like he did back in 2011. While Murray is turning 26 in February, he still has plenty if juice left in the tank to finish with a hall of fame career.

I envisions the second half of Murray's career will be like the back half of Tiki barbers career with the Giants, which means fantasy football owners should have Murray high on their draft boards leading into 2014. While many football fans remember Barber as a talented running back, many forget that he struggled to find his place in the NFL for his first few years in New York. It wasn't until the later half of his career that he actually was able to break out as a top running back for fantasy football owners. Just like how Barber struggled early and overcame adversity, so will Murray.

The only reason that Murray would be held back from a break out 2014 fantasy football year would because of an injury. Otherwise, expect Murray to fall in the first two rounds of fantasy football drafts next year.


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