'Look, Feel and Grow Younger' with the Alexander Technique

Restore natural poise and improve wellbeing with the Alexander Technique. Book now for a discounted trial lession.

People across the UK are being given the chance to look and feel younger by trying the Alexander Technique - acclaimed by celebrities across the globe.

Discounted lessons in the Alexander Technique are being offered by participating members of The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT) as part of the annual International Alexander Awareness Week which runs 14-20 October.

Celebrity actors, dancers and athletes have all praised the Alexander Technique for its ability to improve professional performance.
But this year's awareness week is also highlighting how the Alexander Technique can make you 'Look, Feel and Grow Younger'.

STAT member and Alexander teacher Angela East explains: "The Alexander Technique restores the natural poise that people enjoyed as young children by improving body alignment and teaching a more effective and effortless way to move.

"People with rounded shoulders and poor posture tend to look older than they actually are. With graceful poise comes much more fluid movement and increased confidence and that can take years off you, making you look and feel younger."

The Alexander Technique helps to improve your general health and prevent a range of ailments including backache, stress and tiredness by releasing tension and by restoring balance.

It has also been recommended by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Evidence (NICE) as the only therapy to help in the treatment of people with Parkinsons, by helping to ease day-to-day movements and decrease the speed at which symptoms worsen.

The technique was developed in the 1890s by Frederick Alexander, an Australian actor who was worried his hoarse voice would end his career. He realised that he was stressing his vocal organs through tension, not only in his head and neck, but in his entire body.

You can find your nearest Alexander Technique teacher by contacting The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT) - www.stat.org.uk Telephone - 020 7482 5135


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