Longview Celebrates Its 25th Annual Dialog Conference, Delivering Value to the Office of the CFO Worldwide

The conference for finance experts and tax professionals will take place in London on June 20 and will celebrate 25 years of industry-leading expertise while providing attendees critical insights and networking opportunities to help them thrive.

Dialog, Longview's annual user conference, is turning 25 in 2019. Since the beginning, this unique networking forum has inspired customers, partners, professionals and sponsors alike. Each year, Dialog introduces them to the latest technologies and practical insights in Longview’s Connected Finance framework, the suite of solutions that drives strategic impact and optimizes execution through a fully integrated approach to planning, tax and consolidation, supported by robust real-time analytics. 

This year, the European Dialog on the Move will be held in Paris, London and Frankfurt.

The U.K. Dialog will stop at The RSA House, 8 John Adam Street in London on June 20, 2019.

With prestigious speakers and the support of customers like BIC, Smiths Detection Group and Vodafone, plus partners including Deloitte and EY, the U.K. stage of Dialog on the Move is a major event for all professionals interested in the subject of the digital transformation of the Finance Function. The topics discussed in London will cover the following aspects:

  • Connected Tax: Fancy tech and fancy socks
  • Connected Insights – Using Longview Analytics with Plan (Tidemark), Close, and Beyond
  • Operational Transfer Pricing

This will be must-attend sessions: Participants learn how to optimize organizational performance, more accurately predict outcomes, and sharpen their company strategy.

Roland Hölscher, Managing Director and Executive Vice President Customer Success at Longview comments: “We are pleased to provide a forum for our customers and partners to share experiences and best practices in their journey to finance transformation, this year celebrating our 25th Dialog anniversary in attractive locations like London, Paris, and Frankfurt.”

To attend the event(s), registration is open here.


About Longview

Longview creates enterprise software that connects finance and drives competitive advantages for organizations. Hundreds of thousands of business leaders from Global 2000 companies, operating in more than 150 countries, leverage Longview daily to make strategic and immediate business decisions with confidence. Longview elevates planning, consolidation, tax reporting, and analytics from data collection and validation to strategic business processes.

Longview’s 25+ years of domain knowledge and experience, combined with our state-of-the-art, cloud-based and on-premise platforms, deliver the most robust and innovative performance management solution in the marketplace.

Longview is a global company headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with offices around the world. Visit our website for more information: www.longview.com.

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