Longtime Seahawk KJ Wright Teams Up With Champions of Change as 'Champion Ambassador', Bringing the Work of The Wright Way Foundation Into the Fold

Champions of Change, led by Doug Baldwin, Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett, proudly announces the inclusion of NFL luminary KJ Wright as a Champion Ambassador. Wright aligns perfectly with the philanthropic activism of his former teammates, aiming to further enhance their work to support community resilience and empowerment.

As the first member of the Super Bowl team to join the Seahawks, and as a player who raised his family in and embraced the Seattle region, KJ Wright remains dedicated to local community work. “The next chapter of my career is taking me away from the Northwest, but this will always be home to us,” said Wright, “I am committed to supporting programs around Seattle, especially in partnership with my brothers. We are forever bonded to each other, and to Seattle.” Incorporating the work of The Wright Way Foundation will bolster Champions of Change’s contributions toward enhancing education and empowering disadvantaged communities. To this end, Wright brings the mission of The Wright Way Foundation into the collaboration, focusing on financial literacy and support for underserved student-athletes.

Since launching his foundation last year, Wright has personally partnered with financial institutions to provide youth with essential financial management skills, such as budgeting, saving, and investing. In addition, the foundation supports student-athletes with scholarships and mentorships to foster success on and off the playing field.

“KJ is a champion in every sense of the word,” commented Doug Baldwin, co-founder of Champions of Change, “As a champion husband, father and teammate, he brings a thoughtful approach to making a positive difference in our communities. We are grateful to add his tenacity and creativity to our collective work.” 

The primary fundraising events for Champions of Change are a gala and charity basketball game, which will be hosted on June 27th and 28th, respectively. Tickets for the all-star basketball game are available on Ticketmaster, starting today, April 10th. For more information on the Champions of Change Foundation, its benefiting partners and how to engage, please visit championsofchangefoundation.org.

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The Champions of Change Foundation commits to empowering communities and investing in genuine change for those in need. It upholds principles of equality, education, and empowerment, focusing on underserved regions. Supported by its Champion Ambassadors, the foundation advocates for unity, teamwork, and the conviction in a community's capacity to cultivate its resilience and empowerment. The Champions of Change philanthropic approach extends beyond financial assistance, emphasizing strategic partnerships and knowledge sharing to promote self-reliance and systemic change within communities.

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