Long Island Homeowner Services Has Expanded Their Homeowner Backyard Maintenance Services to Include Both Nassau and Suffolk County.

The recent Long Island Homeowner Services expansion includes: Long Island BBQ grill cleaning and repair, Long Island deck and patio cleaning and maintenance, Long Island pool services, Long Island roof and gutter cleaning, Long Island outdoor furniture pressure washing, Long Island backyard maintenance and winterizing, Long Island pool services.

Long Island Homeowner Services

-As of June 1st, 2017, Long Island Homeowner Services proudly announced their bi-county expansion in New York. This expansion by Long Island Homeowner Services has extended the "full-service property and outdoor living maintenance service" to cover properties and homeowners throughout Nassau County, Suffolk County, and the boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens.

Long Island Homeowner Services has pioneered the platform of property management and maintenance services for homeowners based on their specific needs and circumstances.

Long Island Homeowner Services is THE Affordable Property Maintenance and Outdoor Homeowner Services for all Seasons. ‚Äč'We Get Dirty So You Don't Have To'.

Long Island , Homeowner Services

Long Island Homeowner Services specifically tailors a yearly property maintenance and yard management program for homeowners which is carefully tailored to their requirements. These services are provided in a few different ways:

  • A-la Carte
  • Seasonal Contracts
  • Yearly Contracts
  • Yearly Re-occurring 

Some items that Long Island Homeowner Services offer to clients through their tailored front & backyard maintenance programs are as follows:

  • Long Island BBQ cleaning and repair.
  • Long Island BBQ delivery and removal.
  • Long Island grill safety testing.
  • Long Island grill gas conversions.
  • Long Island grill cleaning, repairs, and maintenance (built-in countertop).
  • Long Island patio paving moss and mold removal. 
  • Long Island patio paving pressure washing and sanding.
  • Long Island deck sanding.
  • Long Island deck pressure washing, cleaning, and repair.
  • Long Island seasonal seasonal and weekly pool services.
  • Long Island outdoor furniture pressure washing, soft cleaning, furniture maintenance, seasonal up keep, and closing season winter wrapping.
  • Long Island outdoor bar cleaning, upkeep, and winterizing.
  • Long Island homeowner shed repair, remodeling, power washing, and shed organizational plan builds.
  • Long Island garden design, remodel, vegetation deliveries, plantings, and seasonal opening and closing services.
  • Long Island house roof cleaning, rehabilitation, and washing.
  • Long Island gutter services and seasonal cleaning programs.
  • Long Island driveway maintenance, tarring, pressure washing, and drainage construction.
  • Long Island homeowner patio walkway cleaning, moss removal, mold control, and seasonal maintenance.
  • Long Island homeowner fence cleaning, pressure washing, and rehabilitation.

Since the expansion, Long Island Homeowner Services now offers many more services in addition to the services and programs mentioned. For more information visit: Long Island Homeowner Services Home Page

From the Long Island Homeowner Services website:

"Especially on Long Island, many homeowners know there isn't enough time in the day between all the responsibilities of family, friends, and careers to dedicate to consistent maintenance and improvements to your home and property outdoor living space.

Long Island Homeowners Services decided to fix the problem for good.

Whatever the situation may be, Long Island Homeowner Services has the solution for all property owners and homeowners. As a labor of love, Long Island Homeowner Services provides a solution for everything outside your home's four walls.

As of the fourth quarter of 2017, Long Island Homeowner Services will be rolling out a year-round service platform for homeowners on top of the standard a-la-carte service which is currently offered. The Long Island Homeowner Services yearly platform will enable each individual Property owner will have the ability to retain services to suit every property want, need and desire on a scheduled and/or on-call basis. The platform will consist of all property management services you can imagine for everywhere outside of the four walls of your home. "We take the time necessary to manage, maintain, restore, and care for your property beauty, so you can relax and spend time enjoying the beauty of your property."

Long Island Homeowner Services has many other property management offerings as well. All services can be reserved a-la-carte, or as a custom designed property maintenance program that suits your needs. We're always available to answer any questions, contact us.

Long Island Homeowner Services Blog.

A Bit About Us

Sharing our love for the little place called home. 

The company's mission began rather simply. As homeowners, they have a strong passion for the outdoor beauty they create, and the endless improvements they do to make every homeowner's outdoor living space exponentially more enjoyable.

"We strongly believe that most homeowners both cherish and continually strive for the same. In many circumstances, there isn't enough time in the day, week, month or year between juggling your career, children and friends to maintain your home's outdoor beauty. We decided to change that.  We have proudly delivered "home-and-yard living" property services for all seasons to Long Island residents for years. What began as a passion and a labor of love, extends directly to our clients.  Our promise is not only to meet your needs but also to exceed your expectations of what a dependable outdoor home service company can be."

All things considered; If you live on Long Island, own a home, become sick and tired of all the back-breaking yard and property work all year long, this might be a service worth looking into.

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Source: Long Island Homeowner Services, LLC.


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