Long Island Forensic Accountant, Tedd Levine, Recently Launches Their New Website

In early 2020, Suffolk County-based Forensic Accountant, Tedd, announces the release of the new agency website.

Financial Forensic Investigations

​​With over 45 years of experience as an accountant and an Attorney, Tedd Levine has contributed to his profession with knowledge and wisdom. For several years Mr. Levine successfully practiced such areas of law: Licensing & Intellectual Property, Investigations Into Hidden Assets and more. This legal expertise has given Levine tremendous knowledge to advise forensic accounting clientèle. Combining Mr. Levine’s legal background with first-hand experience as a senior financial executive, Financial-Forensic.com came to fruition. 

In late November, Mr. Levine hired Long Island Web Design Agency, Benjamin Marc  (benjaminmarc.com) to design his signature logo as well and construct their flagship website. “In our initial call with Mr. Levine, I knew right away that he was our ideal client. He knew exactly what he wanted and was able to portray that to us in great depth,” comments Benjamin Marc’s President and CEO, Anthony Savino. By December the Financial Forensic Investigations logo was developed giving Mr. Levine a professional brand name. “While developing the website we were so impressed by the abundance of knowledge and attention to detail that Tedd put into his work. Every page of the website explains each service that Financial Forensic Investigations provides, leaving readers with no questions, just answers,” says Benjamin Marc. 

On Jan. 1, 2020 https://financial-forensic.com was launched, and now Tedd Levine and Benjamin Marc are underway on an extensive search engine marketing campaign. 

About Financial Forensic Investigations

Forensic accounting provides an invaluable service to companies and individuals to protect their rights in creative endeavors and preserve hard-earned assets and income in both personal and commercial settings. In addition, the process can reveal significant legal issues that need to be addressed and resolved to complete the process.

In a traditional scenario, clients find themselves trying to navigate between advice provided by legal and financial advisors, which may be difficult to implement or may, at times, conflict. Financial Forensic Investigations was created to provide clients with clear pathways to protect assets that consider both legal and accounting issues in one comprehensive strategy. 

With Mr. Levine’s years of first-hand experience as a senior financial executive and forensic accountant as well as a practicing attorney, Financial Forensic Accounting is a groundbreaking agency that seamlessly integrates all legal and financial solutions that surpass the understanding and capabilities of most other forensic accountants, achieving significant efficiencies and results for clients.

Source: Financial Forensic Investigations