Long Awaited WilsonPro 4000R Cell Signal Booster Now Available from SignalBooster.com

The world's most powerful cell amplifier, the WilsonPro 4000R with Rack-Mount Design for IT cabinets covers up to 140K sq. ft. buildings.

Wilson Pro 4000R Commercial Cellular Signal Booster

​​​​​SignalBooster.com announced this week that their company now carries the new WilsonPro 4000R Booster from Wilson Electronics for buildings 100-140k sq. ft. The new booster is in addition to an already extensive line of commercial and industrial grade cell phone signal boosters currently offered.

Due to outstanding features and competitive advantages, the Wilson Pro 4000R is quicker, easier, and more effective. It consists of four commercial signal boosters built into one rack mount design, ideal for IT cabinets. This new unprecedented single most powerful unit expands the reception for tablets, mobile users, and for mobile-connected computers within the largest industrial and commercial spaces.

In examining outstanding features of the Wilson Pro 4000R, perhaps one of the most significant is the simple rack-mounted installation design. The casing of the Wilson Pro 4000R gives quick access to the booster should it need maintenance or the settings need adjustment. Additionally, controlling on-board software of the amplifier ensures greater connectivity throughout the facility. Specifically, multi-story buildings which have 100k – 140k square feet interior spaces will see greater connectivity. This booster has the highest uplink and downlink power available for a commercial booster with the same coverage capabilities.

Unlike a consumer cell phone signal amplifier, this commercial cell phone signal booster must be installed by a Wilson Electronics certified installer. However, the kit has been supplied with all of the needed components to make installation as intuitive as possible with minimal requirements for any additional elements. Only things that would be required outside of the kit are basic hardware tools such as screwdrivers and pliers. Included in the kit is the following:

  • The 4000R rack mounted signal amplifier (50 ohm cell phone booster with type N connectors).
  • Yagi directional donor antenna for exterior installation.
  • Four interior ceiling mount dome antennas.
  • One 2 ft. and one 75 ft. Wilson 400 cable.
  • Four 100 ft. Wilson 400 cables.
  • One lightning surge protector.
  • A free pole and mounting hardware to mount the external antenna.

Compared to previous commercial signal boosters, there’re a few fundamental differences with the WilsonPro 4000R. Primarily, the difference is that the 4000R will not shut down due to overpowering. In older commercial grade boosters, the system would shut down to meet FCC regulations. However, with the new innovative XDR technology, the booster can remain functioning even in the strongest of signal environments by simply decreasing power to minimal levels until it senses normalization.

The smart technology built into the booster kit allows for consistent cellular signals in all areas so they continuously receive reception maximum allowed reception, even when the signals would otherwise fluctuate. The smart technology reads and adjusts itself to meet the changes in the signal as necessary. And with a digital LCD display, it is easy to access amplifier settings to ensure that the proper frequencies are being used to maximize receptions.

The WilsonPro 4000R is designed for areas which have a diversified cell phone user base. As such, the device is compatible with, and boosts reception for, all cellular devices using 2G, 3G, or 4G LTE wireless platforms. It boosts signal for all carriers in USA and Canada. It is also certified by both FCC in USA and IC in Canada. Buildings which exceed the 140k square footage or have weak signal outside in all directions outside the building can use multiple WilsonPro 4000R kits to ensure that the total area footage of the building is covered.

It is advised that multiple boosters be placed on separate floors or on opposite ends of a building to maximize the coverage space. The WilsonPro 4000R is a DAS-like product at a fraction of the Distributed Antenna Systems price which makes it possible for the booster to adjust the signal and produce enterprise grade in-building cellular coverage for 100,000-140,000 sq. feet by using a single kit, or more - using multiple kits. Wilson Electronics provides a three years manufacturers warranty on this latest rack-mount amplifier kit.

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