London Based Psychotherapist and Author Releases Trilogy of Self-Help Books in Time for New Year Resolutions

A renowned psychotherapist and author, Mr. D. U. Sivri has just released a great trilogy of self-help books to help people succeed with their lives and achieve whatever goal they set their minds to.

Following on from the success of his first book 'The Secrets of Existence and Fulfillment', it has been announced that London based psychotherapist and author, Mr. D. U. Sivri has just released an enlightening and intriguing follow up trilogy to his highly acclaimed debut book.

The three books entitled, 'The Secrets of Life and Beyond', 'The Secrets of Confidence and Success', and 'The Secrets of Calmness and Inner Peace', are a psychological, philosophical and spiritual road map for helping the reader achieve a happier and more optimal life.

"I wrote these books as a follow up to my first book in order to help as many people as possible overcome the challenges and issues they face in their lives", Mr. Sivri recently told reporters. 

The books are available on Amazon sites world-wide, as well as at leading distributors and bookstores around the world. 

The books are sentiment to Mr.Sivri's philosophy of helping people develop a greater sense of emotional well-being. His mission is to also develop a greater sense of awareness regarding mental health issues through his work. 


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