LogPoint Disrupts Enterprise SIEM Market With Improved Intelligence, Cutting Incident Response Times in Half

LogPoint SIEM 6.5 with UEBA 2.0 Leverages Advanced Analytics to Reduce Analyst Workloads and Improve Overall Operational Efficiency

LogPoint, the next generation SIEM and Big Data Analytics company, today announced version 6.5 of its SIEM solution and version 2.0 of its User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) module, offering enterprises unparalleled time-to-value and enhanced intelligence capabilities.

LogPoint SIEM 6.5 speeds up analytics dramatically, making this version of the next-generation SIEM solution 50 percent faster at detecting and responding to threats. LogPoint tests have demonstrated a 35 to 50 percent reduction in analyst workloads employing orchestration automation features.

“In today’s business environment, attacks can be even more difficult to identify and detect, meaning security teams, who are increasingly resource and time constrained, need advanced tools to help them detect unusual patterns and potential threats,” said Jesper Zerlang, CEO, LogPoint. “With LogPoint 6.5 with UEBA 2.0, LogPoint is helping enterprises draw connections between user behavior and SIEM security events, driving actionable intelligence to help enterprises better protect themselves and improve their operational efficiency.”

LogPoint SIEM 6.5 with UEBA 2.0 enables security teams to convert data into actionable intelligence to detect potential threats and incidents before they occur. Key capabilities of LogPoint SIEM 6.5 with UEBA 2.0 include:

  • Automated threat detection: Detect low and slow attacks by immediately spotting unusual patterns of activity;
  • Greater context through advanced analytics: Gain immediate situational awareness through our advanced analytics and intuitive metrics;
  • Deeper insights: Tie user behavior back to original events, making them more insightful than ever; and,
  • Enriched data through machine learning: Discover suspicious user behavior by statically or dynamically enriching original log data using information that has been processed by intelligent machine learning technology.

Once installed and configured in a turnkey process, the LogPoint UEBA 2.0 module correlates attack vectors to help security analysts detect who is involved, what the risks are and how the attack is spreading in real time.

LogPoint UEBA 2.0 offers dynamic configuration using machine learning, continually optimizing and improving analytics. LogPoint UEBA extends its analytical capabilities to the cloud, with native support for applications like Office 365 and Salesforce and cloud-based infrastructures like Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS.

“LogPoint brings unprecedented capabilities and value to our customers and to the SIEM market, and SIEM 6.5 with UEBA 2.0 is an extension of our commitment to innovation, said Christian Have, chief product officer, LogPoint. “With the ability to translates all log files into a single taxonomy, LogPoint SIEM 6.5 with UEBA 2.0 provides immediate time-to-value in the application of UEBA analytics, meaning customers are empowered to build, manage and effectively transform their businesses through a unified cybersecurity solution.” 

For more information on LogPoint’s SIEM and UEBA, visit: www.logpoint.com/en/product/ueba-solution or the LogPoint Media Room at www.logpoint.com/media


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About LogPoint:

LogPoint enables organizations to convert data into actionable intelligence, improving their cybersecurity posture and creating immediate business value. Our advanced next-gen SIEM, UEBA and Automation and Incident Response solutions, simple licensing model, and market-leading support organization empower our customers to build, manage and effectively transform their businesses. We provide cybersecurity automation and analytics that create contextual awareness to support security, compliance, operations, and business decisions. Our offices are located throughout Europe and in North America. Our passionate employees throughout the world are achieving outstanding results through consistent customer value-creation and process excellence. With more than 50 certified partners, we are committed to ensuring our deployments exceed expectations. For more information visit www.logpoint.com

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LogPoint advanced next-gen SIEM, UEBA and Automation and Incident Response solutions, simple licensing model, and market-leading support organization empower our customers to build, manage and effectively transform their businesses.

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