Logo in 50 Minutes Reveres Its Designers for Successful Completion of Their Two Millionth Order

Designers at Logo in 50 Minutes were able to successfully complete their two millionth order by the end of June 2020, maintaining top-notch creative quality

​​More and more businesses have embraced the digital space in the US alone, and the trend is on the rise with a growing number of companies that are now trying to combat the imposed lockdowns followed by the COVID’19 outbreak. The more businesses are resorting to online spaces, the increased growth is being witnessed in demand for logo designs, banners, graphic designing for marketing purposes.

After a 10-year worth hard work, the Logo in 50 Minutes’ team is now celebrating its success after earning a growing position in the digital industry.

Logo in 50 Minutes allows clients to receive their business logos with unbelievably low turnaround time. It is yet another milestone for the company that is headed toward achievement, considering how the need for logo designs is rapidly growing.

With the offers, there are many new challenges for designers; they need to streamline their work processes to deliver this promising service to clients. “We have employed a new strategy to reach our 50-minutes goal. We have segmented designers based on their individual proficiencies, industry-niches, and of course, creative speed,” said one of their design heads.

“Every project that we take onboard poses a new challenge for us, but this is all that makes the game fun. If we can design in incredibly low turnaround time, with no proposed changes by the client, our job gets done, and even quicker,” said a Logo Designer.

When it comes to branding a business online, the design team comes together to create unique designs and creatives. No other company outdoes; this is done with strategic arrangements and increased collaborations. On the other hand, their designers are already equipped to handle all kinds of creative challenges, and undoubtedly high-end service has been delivered to clients.

Logo in 50 minutes is covering all industry niches and their respective requirements, designers brainstorm for a brief time within their sub-teams, followed by an approval meeting from marketing strategists, and then the sketch out is transformed into a professional logo. According to the team of designers, this process that takes 50 minutes for a project to be completed is best carried out with close communication and collaboration. Brand Managers are continuously focusing on assessing the shortcomings of the process to improve the steps from all ends for productive completion.

“Since challenges are always new for everyone in the team, there is a need for collaboration and continuous improvement. When the 50th minute reaches, we assess what we have done and think of how best we can undertake this process for increased customer satisfaction,” said one of the representatives.

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