Logistics Consultant Larry Mullne With Collective Shippers Helps U.S. Company Decrease Cost of Shipping Freight, Saving Millions

Mullne worked with a major player in metal recycling sector to implement a plan that saved them nearly 2 million dollars a year on OTR transportation.

The pandemic, trade wars, severe storms and churning foreign markets have affected companies' supply chains. Companies wonder if they can turn their freight into a profit center rather than an expense that increases their bottom line. They are having trouble getting the truck capacity they need to ship their product. Companies need a consultant to deal with these questions of Logistics.

Logistics Consultant Larry Mullne has been working in the freight industry for over two decades. His tenure in the shipping industry has given Mullne extensive experience as a direct shipper with Over the Road (OTR) budgets topping $15 million per year, as a partner in a trucking-brokerage & a fractional truck ownership company. He has brought important advantages to a company's team. Succeeding at being cost-effective is not a one-time job. It requires consistent monitoring of the market and adaptability to processes. Mullne strives to ensure the companies understand their logistics plan is not static and is always changing to stay on top of savings. He has created cost-saving plans for all types of shippers. Recently, Mullne worked with a major player in the metal recycling sector to implement a plan that saved them nearly $2 million dollars a year on OTR transportation.

Putting the shipper in control of the freight they ship is Larry Mullne's top priority. 

Mullne knows that the cost, timeliness, and urgency of shipments is often overlooked by third-party (3pls) brokers who are being paid 15% to 45% commission for their services with no real skin in the game. All organizations reach a point when they're aware things could be done more efficiently if their main concentration was cost savings and timely shipments. As a logistics consultant, Mullne uses his industry knowledge to help companies identify and analyze where they are losing revenue. After his evaluation, a three-phase, easy to understand and implement savings plan will be produced. This plan helps companies set up internal protocols and external relationships resulting in control over their shipping commitments and costs. For info, call 832-600-4279.

A Logistics consultant creates a company-specific, proprietary logistic plan that gets results

Larry Mullne's three-phase plans help companies save reputation, employee retention and money. As a logistics consultant, Mullne knows what common mistakes and problems shippers face. It's his mission to aide them in becoming more efficient with their internal systems and deliveries, resulting in cost savings and bottom-line profitability. His three-phase plan has proven effective at decreasing costs and minimizing the negative effects of the unpredictable trucking industry. Realistic in his approach, he prides himself on being a logistics consultant who delivers predictable and reliable results. Call Larry Mullne for an initial money saving, no-obligation logistics consultation at 832-600-4279 

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