LocalWe Helps Shoppers Support Artisans Amidst Rising Inflation


Today, LocalWe, an online marketplace for US-based artisan makers, is discussing the importance of shopping local this holiday season while helping shoppers support local creators through their site. With the holiday season in full swing, retailers are offering additional sales and discounts to win over consumers who are facing near-record inflation levels.

Almost all consumers are worried about inflation. While large retailers are concerned with hitting forecasted profit goals, many small businesses are solely trying to survive the season.

Owning your own business is what this country is all about, and since there are fewer dollars to go around this season, it's even more important to consider shopping with local small businesses whose goals are not just to stay in the green but to keep food on their tables. Small businesses like LocalWe, which sells artisan products from a variety of sources, provide options for supporting small creators whose products are made in the USA.

This idea of survival versus profit maximization is especially true for local artisans everywhere because being an artisan is about more than turning a profit. It is about the skill that is passed down from generation to generation. It is about the ability to create something beautiful by hand, and then teach another to do the same all while supporting one's family.

Glenn Myers, the founder of LocalWe, says, "Many of the artisans we promote online depend solely on their craft to pay the bills. It is crucial that this holiday season we do not forget about these Americans working hard to survive."

Countless hours go into making artisan goods and for many, this is not a hobby, but a way of life. Without the support of the consumer, the quality and craftsmanship we see today in vintage stores and estates would cease to exist.

With inflation on the rise, this season is an even more crucial time for small businesses. Consumers are still shopping but spending less and are also more considerate about where they will shop. Local artisans can be found not only online, but also by visiting local farm markets this holiday season.


Source: LocalWe

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LocalWe is an online marketplace giving consumers access to a curated selection of handmade and local goods made by artisans and small businesses in the USA. A portion of LocalWe's time and profits go to supporting children in need to meet their full potential.

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