Local Non-Profit Door to Hope Offering Medication-Assisted Treatment to Youth and Adults During COVID-19

Substance Abuse Facility Continues to Provide Treatment Amidst the Coronavirus as Substance Use Trends Across the Country Increase

​​Door to Hope, a recognized leader in mental health and addiction treatment in Monterey County, with over 40+ years of experience, is offering medication-assisted treatment for individuals aged 16+. In response to COVID-19, there has been an unprecedented increase in the use of alcohol and drugs, making the availability of such services a vital need in the community. Under the guidance of an X-Waivered Pediatrician and Board-Certified Addiction Medicine Physician, the local non-profit is one of only a few providers in the county offering this lifesaving treatment to youth.

Medication-assisted treatment is part of a comprehensive treatment plan that also includes individual therapy. It has been shown to aid in managing cravings and withdrawal symptoms, reducing instances of relapse and enhancing overall recovery.

The organization knows that individuals within the community with mental health or substance use disorders need access to treatment, perhaps now more than before. Practicing safe-distancing guidelines, heightened cleaning and screening procedures, Door to Hope continues to provide essential mental health and addiction treatment: 

  • Accepting admissions and assessments for all levels of care for youth and adults, including via telephone 
  • Providing teletherapy and traditional in-person treatment
  • Prescribing medication-assisted treatment

“Along with the rest of the world, Monterey County is in the midst of a pandemic and the use of alcohol or other drugs to cope with problems, relieve stress, as well as overcome boredom is not uncommon; however, they are short and temporary solutions with long-lasting consequences,” said Chris Shannon, Executive Director of Door to Hope. “It is more imperative now, as we see substance use increasing, that we respond with tactical and proven clinical services like medication-assisted treatment for youth and adults in Monterey County,” continues Shannon.

Dr. Deborah Stewart, Outpatient Medical Director of Door to Hope, added, “As we see an increase in substances used, in particular, opioids such as prescription pain medicine, heroin, and fentanyl, the use of medication-assisted treatment offers our community, especially our youth population, another strong tool to fight this epidemic.”

Available for Interviews:

Chris Shannon, Executive Director, for the past 20 years at Door to Hope. She holds a master's as a Chemical Dependency Practitioner. She has been an administrator for other behavioral health programs, as well as hospitals throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and is a former treating clinician for the San Francisco 49ers.

Lena Allen, Clinical Supervisor at Door to Hope, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 20 years of experience working with individuals with Substance Use Disorders. 

About Door to Hope:

Door to Hope offers a range of behavioral health and innovative family programming to Monterey County, specializing in the treatment of individuals aged 12+ struggling with substance abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders. 

Website: http://doortohope.org/

Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/doortohope.mcstart

Media Contact:
Stephanie Ballard

Source: Door to Hope


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