Local Costume Shop Wins "Best Dressed" at Australias' First Ginger Pride Rally

Combining costumes, craziness and a worthy cause, this is a feel-good news article of interest to small business owners, parents dealing with schoolyard bullying issues and the general community.

​Australia’s first ever Ginger Pride Rally was held over the weekend in Melbourne, attracting thousands of gorgeous redheads from all over Australia, who all turned up to celebrate their red hair and to raise money for anti-bullying charities.

Local Sydney gingers Belinda Marsh and Aliki Kouzelis (owner and manager of Crows Nest based costume store Fancy That! Costumes), flew down to Melbourne to be part of the hundreds waving placards proclaiming, “Drop Red Gorgeous”, “Day of the Walking Red” and “Nobody Puts Ginger in a Corner”.  Sporting fox ears & tails to add an extra layer of fun to their day, the pair walked away with the “Best Dressed” crown – despite not even realising there was a competition!

"As two crazy gingers who operate a costume business, we thought this would be a fabulous way to practice a little more of what we preach, plus get out there to support a worthy cause."

Belinda Marsh, Owner - Fancy That! Costumes

“Our Sydney based costume business  is all about encouraging people – especially adults – to play more,” said Belinda.  “As two crazy gingers, we thought this would be a fabulous way to practice a little more of what we preach, plus get out there to support a worthy cause.”

Redheads account for between 1 and 2% of the population.  Aaron Webb from RANGA (Redheads & Nearly Ginger Association) says that whilst most adult gingers embrace their uniqueness, redheads can often be singled out for bullying in the schoolyard.  “We’ve been called things like bluey, carrot top, copper top, Fanta pants, rusty crotch, all sorts of things.  Blood nut is another one,” he says.  Aaron has a message for the kids:  “Be proud of being ginger.  It’s fantastic!  You might be copping it a bit now, but later on you will be the desirable one and the joke will be on the bullies.”

The rally concluded in Melbourne’s Federation Square with a range of ginger-themed festivities including alcoholic ginger beer sampling by sponsors Buderim Ginger, music by The Vanns (with a red-headed lead singer!) and beer pong

The event was supported by RANGA and raised money towards the Bully Zero Australia foundation.

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