Local Company, MarGin Wellness, Solves Wrist Brace Embarrassment for Women

The company used both clinical knowledge and fashion sense to create wrist braces, compression sleeves and gloves that are fun, playful and inspiring to women who have to wear them.

Beautiful Chaos Wrist Support for Women

Wrist problems are common among modern women because of extended PC use, aging and injury. Most wrist conditions mean wearing a clinical and unflattering wrist brace. It’s a blow to a woman’s style and confidence. Upstart company MarGin Wellness has now sought to resolve this by creating both functional and stylish wrist braces that women can feel happy about wearing.

MarGin Wellness is pleased to announce its brand new “Fashion Inspired Collection,” which will be released on May 17, 2019. The collection itself was inspired by the founder's fashion background, and her sense of style added to the contemporary and trendy vibes that cater to the fashionistas' contemporary taste. The new collection will be exclusively sold on the website https://marginwellness.com.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is the unfortunate consequence of extensive time spent working on a computer. This painful symptom also has no easy solution. Wrist braces and compression sleeves are commonly prescribed for carpal tunnel. They give support, and ideally, they relieve some of the pain of repetitive movement. MarGin Wellness recognized the need for wrist support but also realized active women hated the look of a plain black, clinical brace.

The company used both clinical knowledge and fashion sense to create wrist braces, compression sleeves and gloves that are fun, playful and inspiring to women who have to wear them. With colorful drawings, phrases, and done in pink, purple and other colors against the black and neutral background, they make the wearer happy. That’s greatly important for someone suffering from a wrist condition.

“Our products are inspiring, fun and fashionable,” the founder of MarGin Wellness says. “Most importantly, we cater to customers seeking relief from discomfort but also letting them have fun wearing braces.”

Fun isn’t normally associated with chronic health conditions and injuries. Other conditions, like arthritis and wrist injuries, can also require lengthy treatment for the hands and wrists. We use these body parts constantly, and they’re in the open for people to see. For a woman, that is especially deflating. They have to find ways to cover it up or deal with people's reactions.

The founder herself suffers from carpal tunnel syndrome. “Most days when my carpal tunnel flared up,” she says. “I used my normal black wrist support, and I’d wear it, but I’d conceal it under my sleeve.”

Naturally, this was both inconvenient and embarrassing. This inspired her to use her background in fashion to come up with a better solution. She wanted her braces to provide the same level of support but to also give a bit of a pick-me-up on the harder days. She uses a style that’s fun, hip and fashionable.

Women at work have to attend business and meetings, dealing with coworkers and customers. Imagine how much nicer it is to hear, “That’s so cute!” rather than, “Ooh, that looks so painful.” It fully changes her outlook. MarGin Wellness braces are strong and supportive, but they have character and charm. They make living with carpal tunnel and other wrist conditions more bearable.

MarGin Wellness is based in Santa Ana, California. Its online store (https://marginwellness.com) presents an attractive selection of wrist supports for day and night. All are easily available for purchase through a variety of methods, including credit card and Apple Pay.

An added benefit is that they can provide relief for better-quality sleep. One model is specifically designed to be worn at night.

For more information, see: marginwellness.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MarGin-Wellness-243378499734433/

Twitter: @marginwellness1

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/marginwellness/

Source: MarGin Wellness


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MarGin Wellness took the guess work out from finding relief Carpal Tunnel, Hand Arthritis with an added flair of style to the braces.

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