LoanFlight Lending Is the 4th Fastest-Growing Company in Tampa

Tampa-based mortgage lender LoanFlight Lending has been named the fourth fastest-growing company in the region by the Tampa Bay Business Journal on its Fast 50 List.

LoanFlight Lending CEO, Paul Blaylock

LoanFlight knows no one wants to pay more for a mortgage than they have to. The company has leveraged that mindset and best-in-class technology to reverse engineer the business to provide loan products with zero lender fees and nationally leading rates. LoanFlight is a marketing automation and sales optimization company that happens to lend money to homeowners. That efficiency and subsequent savings are passed back to the borrower in the low rate and zero lender fee structure.  

This strategy has earned LoanFlight Lending a place on the TBBJ Fast 50 List for the second year in a row. Last year, the company ranked 34th on the list. This year, they ranked in the top five with 627% growth from 2018 to 2020.

Paul Blaylock, LoanFlight founder and CEO, said, "We were able to grow very rapidly when it was very difficult to grow anywhere in the world." Blaylock doubled down on that bet and moved the company's offices to downtown Tampa in 2020. Blaylock continued, "We believe it will give LoanFlight a huge advantage over the coming years when it comes to talent acquisition, retention and work-life balance."

In 2020, LoanFlight promoted 25% of their staff to higher-level positions while onboarding a high volume of entry-level positions, filled with local talent. Blaylock said, "Being in Tampa, specifically, made that a lot easier due to the talent and very supportive university network."

The company offers a rapid mortgage loan officer training program. This enables an employee new to the mortgage industry to work beside seasoned professionals while learning the business and, ultimately, obtaining their professional licenses. 

This year's Tampa Bay Business Journal Fast 50 honorees represent a wide variety of industries, including technology, marketing and insurance. The Fast 50 is determined by the percentage of growth over a three-year period. The Tampa Bay Business Journal revealed the Fast 50 rankings at a virtual event on July 29, 2021.

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