LKKER Newest Concept: A Revolutionary Mouse for the Modern Man

A Brand New Presentation Multifunction Helper.

​​​​Not since the mouse was invented in 1964 has it been redesigned with more purpose and functionality. The functionality of the LKKER mouse is what sets this mouse apart from the crowd. It’s been created to be used at a desk, in meetings, while at rest and at play.

In recent years, mice have been designed with minor adaptations, such as more buttons or going by cordless. While these have been "nice-to-have" functions, they have proven to be, ultimately, more confusing than rewarding.

LKKER has finally created the ultimate mouse for the modern day. It’s taken the best technology from recent mouse evolutions and revolutionized the wireless mouse with new applications, making it more practical​​​ more often, for more occasions every day.

The beautifully designed LKKER mouse is both elegant and ergonomic, modeled for extensive daily use. The additional functionality for continuous daily use is what sets this mouse apart from the crowd.

At a desk, the LKKER mouse can be used like any other. Take it to a meeting, and it can instantly become a single-handed screen controller by simply folding it with one hand. Control presentations or multimedia like a king with a single click. For the finer details, and to grab some serious attention, use the inbuilt red laser pointer to show off key presentation points.

The LKKER mouse is specially created for presentations. The difference between the LKKER and a traditional laser pointer is that it allows the speaker to not need to move from a screen to a panel until they are finished with their whole presentation. In order to edit page content and even play a video, one just needs to control the LKKER mouse to achieve all operations on a page.

Master work and home life with the LKKER concept mouse. When relaxing, users can keep their hands in their pockets and use the LKKER mouse to flip the pages of an e-book. At home, the LKKER can even be used to control a TV.

Button-less, the LKKER mouse still packs the similar amazing features of other top-brand mice on the market, such as minimalist dual left/right click and scroll wheel finger sensitive buttons, and an advanced precision 1200 DPI optical sensor and an advanced 2.4 GHz wireless connection up to 10 meters away, with virtually no delays or dropouts.

To use, simply connect the LKKER mouse to the device with the tiny unifying USB receiver. It's so tiny that one can leave it in a notebook, so there's no need to unplug it when moving around.

A mouse has never been so useful and so simple.

The LKKER: it’s more than a mouse.

Check out the new LKKER modern mouse on Indiegogo today.

LKKER Creating Delightful Experiences.


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