LJK Value Creator: Get Business, Income, and Home Improvement Support in One Place

LJK Value Creator, a new, full-service, multi-functional website designed to provide home owners, entrepreneurs, and business owners with all of the service providers and information they need in one consolidated location, this week officially opened its virtual doors to everyone intent on using service providers who have been pre-vetted and approved for maximum performance.

Borne from a passion for providing valuable assurance to clients unsure about which service providers they need to select, LJK Value Creator is creating value in business and homes of all sizes today.

“It can be incredibly difficult today trying to assess if a business planning or home improvement specialist is the real deal,” said Lindsay Kelly, Founder and Owner of LJK Value Creators. “With our site, we take care of the annoying vetting process, so our site visitors can simply choose from the people and the information they need to move forward with their projects.”

LJK Value Creator is broken down into three categories: work from home, business-to-business, and home improvement. By using the site, visitors can find service providers they need, adept in the ways of working from home and owning a successful personal business, business financing and mapping out a long-term strategy for revenue growth, and home improvement specialists for transforming homes into never-before-seen locations.

“We’re covering it all here, from home renovation and development requests, to business financing questions and debt consolidation services,” said Kelly. “Spread the word on the official opening of our new multi-functional site, and head on over today to peruse our pre-vetted selection of top quality service providers today.”

For more information, visit: http://www.ljkvaluecreator.com/.

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